How do you open a Brinks safe Model 5059?

How do you open a Brinks safe Model 5059?

For a sentry safe with a dial combination it is the standard turning procedure: Clear the lock, by turning the dial past 0 three times counter clockwise. After the third time, stop on the first number of the combination. Turn the dial counter clock wise and pass the second number of the combination once.

How do you find the combination on a Brinks safe?

With the right information, getting a new combination for your safe should be a snap.

  1. Locate the model and serial numbers on your safe and write them down.
  2. Write down the key number for your safe.
  3. Contact Honeywell customer support at 877-354-5457.

How do you open a Brinks fire safe without the key?

Open a Fire Safe If you can’t get a Brinks safe key replacement, your only choice may be to break the lock. There are a variety of ways to do this, starting with inserting the pointed tip into the keyhole and jiggling it until the lock pops.

How do I replace a safe key?

Contact the manufacturer of the safe. The manufacturer will mail you a duplicate key by mail to replace the lost key. You will need to give the model and serial number of the safe when you contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers usually print the model and serial number of the safe near its door hinge.

How do you open a combination safe without the combination?

Opening a Safe Without the Combination

  1. First you must find the safe’s emergency key.
  2. Remove the panel that covers your safe’s dial.
  3. Once you have removed the dial panel, take a look beneath the dial itself.
  4. Insert the emergency key into the emergency keyhole and turn it until the safe opens.

How do you open a combination with 4 numbers?

TO UNLOCK ON A TRUE FOUR NUMBER COMBINATION Starting anywhere, turn the dial right (clockwise), stopping when the first combination number comes to the opening index the FIFTH time. 2. Turn the dial left (counterclockwise), stopping when the second number comes to the opening index the FOURTH time.

How do you open a safe if you lost the key?

Simple safe can be unlocked without a key using a small knife with a pointy tip. Insert it into the key hole and wiggle it slightly from side to side. The lock will open up within seconds if performed correctly.

What do you do if you lose your safe combination?

If you forgot your safe combination, the use of a change key or a mechanical key override can be quick solutions. People rarely have these elements on hand, so you will likely have to resort to calling a locksmith to help you get back into your safe.

What do I do if I lost the combination to my sentry safe?

You must call (800) 828-1438 for combination retreivals. The following is for informational purposes only: If you need your combination, you must send a notarized letter stating you are the owner of the safe. (Note: the owner’s last name must be different from that of the notary public).

What should I do if I Lost my Safe Combination?

As a last resort, your safe can be opened by a professional when the combination has been lost. With the model and serial number, the locksmith (aka safe cracker) should be able to get the drill points of the safe and this makes getting into the safe more affordable than if this information were not available.

Where to buy a lost key or combination?

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What to do if you cannot find the model number of a safe?

If you cannot find the model number, but were lucky enough to find the serial number of the safe, your next step is to call the manufacture of the safe and give them the serial number, they will tell you what model it is from that number.

What happens if you change the serial number on a safe?

If the safe is a dial, and you were able to find the serial number, the locksmith will most likely will be able to retrieve the original combination to the safe. So long as the safe combination has never been changed, this will open the safe. The locksmith will then be able to set the safe combination to whatever numbers you desire.