How do you put your current college on a resume?

How do you put your current college on a resume?

How to List Education on a ResumeStart with your most recent degree or education in progress.List the name of your school and its location.Provide dates attended and graduation date (or expected graduation date).Show off the degree you earned or are working on.Share your field of study.Mention your GPA (if it’s above 3.5).

Is a one page CV too short?

A resume should be one page most of the time. One-page resumes are recommended for candidates with just a few years of work experience and those who are only starting out on the job market. Your resume can be longer than one page only when you have 10+ years of experience or lots of relevant professional achievements.

What is the best length for a CV?

around two to three pages

Should a CV be more than one page?

Two pages. Often hailed as the perfect length for a CV, the two-pager is the recommended length for someone who has established themselves in their career. If you can concisely summarise your career on a strong one page CV, by all means, do. A short, strong CV is better than a long, wishy-washy one.