How do you right justify numbers in Word?

How do you right justify numbers in Word?

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How do I show margins in Word?

View page marginsClick the Microsoft Office Button. , and then click Word Options.Click Advanced, and then click the Show text boundaries check box under Show document content. The page margins appear in your document as dotted lines.

Why are my margins not showing in Word?

If your document is in Print Layout view and the top and bottom margins appear to be cut off, the option for hiding margins has been switched on. Here’s how to switch it off: Point to the top or bottom of a page until the pointer becomes a double-pointed arrow, and then double-click.

How do I make no margins in Word?

Click the bottom arrow in the “Top” text box in the Margins section. Keep clicking this arrow to decrease the value to “0” and raise the top margin. You can also type “0” in the “Top” text box. The “Preview” box displays this new margin setting.

How do I show top and bottom margins in Word?

Missing Top and Bottom MarginsDisplay the Word Options dialog box. (In Word 2007 click the Office button and then click Word Options. At the left side of the dialog box, click Display. (See Figure 1.)Set or clear the Show White Space between Pages in Print Layout View checkbox, as desired.Click OK.

What is the normal margin in Microsoft Word?

The default margins for Microsoft Word from version 2007 onward have been 1 inch (25.4 mm) all around; in Word 2003, the default top and bottom margins were 1 inch (25.4 mm), but 1.25 inches (31.7 mm) were given at the left and the right. OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer have 0.79 inch (20 mm) all around.

What is the top margin in Microsoft Word?


How many ways you can save a document?

Word offers two ways to save a file: Save and Save As. These options work in similar ways, with a few important differences. Save: When you create or edit a document, you’ll use the Save command to save your changes.

How do I save a document as a doc?

Save your document Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your document in the File name box, and click Save. Save your work as you go – hit Ctrl+S often. To print, click the FILE tab, and then click Print.

How do I open and save a Word document?

Save a Word document in OpenDocument Text formatClick the File tab.Click Save As.Click Browse, and then select the location where you want to save your file.In the Save as type list, click OpenDocument Text.Give your file a name, and then save it.

How do I open a file I saved?

If you cannot open your SAVE file correctly, try to right-click or long-press the file. Then click “Open with” and choose an application.

How do I open a file on my computer?

There are two main ways to open a file:Find the file on your computer and double-click it. This will open the file in its default application. Open the application, then use the application to open the file. Once the application is open, you can go to the File menu at the top of the window and select Open.

Where are my saved files?

On your phone, you can usually find your files in the Files app . If you can’t find the Files app, your device manufacturer might have a different app. Learn how to get help for your specific device. Important: You’re using an older Android version.

Where did my files go in Windows 10?

Well, Windows 10 has an answer for that.Select the Windows key.Type in the word settings and select the Settings application from the search results.Select Personalization.Select Start from the tabs on the left.Scroll down to the bottom and click on Choose which folders appear on Start.

Where are my saved documents in Windows 10?

Search File Explorer: Open File Explorer from the taskbar or right-click on the Start menu, and choose File Explorer, then select a location from the left pane to search or browse. For example, select This PC to look in all devices and drives on your computer, or select Documents to look only for files stored there.

How do I find downloaded files on my computer?

To find downloads on your PC:Select File Explorer from the taskbar, or press the Windows logo key + E.Under Quick access, select Downloads.