How do you unlock word wont let me type?

How do you unlock word wont let me type?

If text is not appearing on your screen, there is a good chance that Number Lick has been turned on by mistake. To check this, locate your “Num Lock” key, which often is the same button as “F11” on your keyboard. Press the key and then try typing. Text should appear on your screen.

Why can’t I open a Word document in Windows 10?

docx files doesn’t work, do the following: In File Explorer, click to select a file in the *. docx format. Then right-click the file; on the context menu, click Open With, click Choose Another App and locate winword.exe. Choose the option to set Word as the default.

How do I enable editing in Word when locked?

On the Review tab, in the Protect group, click Restrict Editing. In the Editing restrictions area, select the Allow only this type of editing in the document check box. In the list of editing restrictions, click No changes (Read only). Select the part of the document where you want to allow changes.

Where is the Enable Content button in Word?

Click the File tab. In the Security Warning area, click Enable Content. Under Enable All Content, click Always enable this document’s active content. The file becomes a trusted document.

How do you enable editing on Word using the keyboard?

Press Alt button a maximum of 4 times. This enables you to access the main menu items by typing a letter – but also allows you to access the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ using numbers. The ‘Enable Editing’ icon looks like a notepad with a pencil, it should have a 2 next to it.

What is the shortcut key using keyboard for opening a new document?

Microsoft Word shortcut keysShortcutDescriptionAlt+Ctrl+F2Open new document.Ctrl+F1Open the Task Pane.Ctrl+F2Display the print preview.Ctrl+Shift+>Increases the selected text size by one font size.65 •

Which key is used to open a new document?

Ctrl + N = Opens a new, blank document. Ctrl + P = Opens the print window. F5 = Open the Find, Replace, and Go To window. Ctrl + F2 = Display the print preview.

What is the shortcut key for opening a file?

Press Alt+F to open the File menu.

What are 5 shortcuts?

List of basic computer shortcut keys:Alt + F–File menu options in the current program.Alt + E–Edits options in the current program.F1–Universal help (for any sort of program).Ctrl + A–Selects all text.Ctrl + X–Cuts the selected item.Ctrl + Del–Cut selected item.Ctrl + C–Copy the selected item.

What is Ctrl O used for?

Alternatively referred to as Control O and C-o, Ctrl+O is a shortcut key most often used to open a new document, page, URL, or other files.