How much is a Savage Model 93 22?

How much is a Savage Model 93 22?


SOLD: 2 months ago UPC: 062654932007
LOCATION: Ruidoso, NM 88345 SKU: #13913
CALIBER: .22 WMR MANF. PART #: 93200

How much is a savage 17 rifle?

Savage 17 Series Bolt Action Rifle -A tack-driving/ bolt-action rimfire chambered for 17 HMR/ the this series features Savage Arms’ legendary user-adjustable AccuTrigger technology….1 of 20.

PRICE $239.99
Sights Drilled & Tapped for Scope Base
Weight 5lbs
Cartridge 17 HMR
Color Black

What is a Savage Model 93?

Description. The SavageĀ® 93 F is an extremely accurate, adult-sized bolt-action rimfire rifle, offered at a very reasonable price. The bolt features dual extractors for positive extraction of spent cases. A 5-round, detachable magazine facilitates loading and unloading the rifle.

What does HMR stand for in guns?

17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire
17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire, commonly known as the . 17 HMR, is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by Littleman Mitchell in 2002.

What’s the average price of a savage rifle?

The single-shot Rascal can be found for about $150, while the Mark Series is under $200. The AXIS falls in the mid-range, with prices anywhere from $265 to $400. The 10/110 can be purchased for around $1,000, while the Model 10 is typically a few hundred dollars more.

Which is the best rifle from Savage Arms?

Savage Arms currently manufactures over a dozen different families of rifles, each offering several different features, finishes, and options. Some of the best-selling models include the Savage Model 10, 10/110, AXIS, Mark Series, and the Rascal.

What kind of stock does Savage Model 10 use?

The Savage Model 10 is a bolt-action rifle built with a drilled and tapped steel receiver, carbon steel barrel, and synthetic stock with recoil pad.

Who is the founder of Savage Arms Company?

Savage Arms was founded in 1894 in Utica, New York, after Arthur William Savage secured two patents. Over the last century, the company has grown tremendously but has always held steadfast to the principles of its founders, including a no-nonsense attitude, hard-working spirit, and get-it-done ingenuity.