Is a Mossberg 500 good for Turkey?

Is a Mossberg 500 good for Turkey?

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun At 7.25 lbs., it’s light enough for turkey hunting but still heavy enough to reduce that recoil. Bonus: it’s available for you lefties and righties!

Can you hunt with a Mossberg 500?

Your 500 will do just fine. It’s been in the hunting fields for decades now. There are many other sellers, so look around. You could probably pick up a used barrel pretty cheap for your experiment.

Are Mossberg shotguns good for hunting?

This is the perfect all-purpose shotgun. You can use it for hunting, clay shooting, and home defense. Here are some of the best features: Outstanding, military-grade reliability.

What is the best turkey choke for Mossberg 500?

These are the three turkey chokes for the Mossberg 500 you should consider: Carlson’s Long Beard XR Choke Tube (click to check the price at Amazon) – The Carlson’s Long Beard XR is the choke I’ve had the most success with out of the Mossberg 500 and it’s my go to choke paired with Winchester XR ammo.

Is a Mossberg 500 good for duck hunting?

Be willing to go to places other hunters aren’t. Set yourself up for the best duck hunting season ever, try the Mossberg 500 Waterfowl Shotgun on your next duck hunt with the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades finish and barrel to blend right into your environment. Joe Genzel has been a writer and editor for over 15 years.

Is Mossberg 500 good gun?

The Mossberg 500 allows a newcomer to own a basic but reliable shotgun without spending a lot of money. The shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms. There is a shot load for almost every situation, and a shotgun and shell load can be easily adapted to accommodate small to large shooters.

Can I shoot steel shot in my Mossberg 500?

According to the owners manual you can shoot steel shot through mossberg’s accuchoke in improved, modified, AND FULL. The manual says not to shoot through anything tighter then the full. As long as the choke is designed for steel shot you are fine.

What choke do you use for turkey?

Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, making this choke good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 40-yard and longer ranges. Turkey hunters sometimes use Extra Full or Turkey choke for even denser patterns at long range.

Is the Mossberg 500 series a good shotgun?

The Mossberg 500 shotguns are rugged, reliable and easy to work with. With a simple barrel and mag tube swap, any Mossberg 500 can be a great multi-purpose shotgun platform for any possible scenario that requires lead shots and sabot slugs.

What are the different series of Mossberg shotguns?

As of this writing, Mossberg lists three different Model 500 series of shotguns, each with varying configurations on their website: the Tactical series (with 16 different configurations), the Hunting series (with 30 different configurations) and the FLEX series (with 9 different configurations).

What’s the limiting plug on a Mossberg 500?

In some states, a few Mossberg 500s might have a restricting plug (a.k.a. limiting plug) inside the magazine, which greatly limits the capacity from a 6-shot or an 8-shot to a 3-shot mag. To gain maximum capacity, that plug must be removed. The barrel has to be removed first to remove the magazine end cap,…

How do you remove the barrel from a Mossberg 500?

To remove the barrel, the screw can simply be loosened by hand — as it’s loosened, the barrel slides slowly away from the magazine tube. When it’s completely loose, the slide/fore-end can be pushed, and with a little twist and a pull, the barrel will come off.