Is it illegal to ask for a picture with resume?

Is it illegal to ask for a picture with resume?

A: It’s illegal to ask for a photo in connection with a job application. It could disclose, for example, race and ethnicity, and act as an unlawful screening mechanism. They may want to forward the application and the note to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, but only if they do not receive an interview.

Why do employers ask for a picture?

A job posting will ask for a recent photo to accompany your cover letter, rsum, and salary history. They’ll say they need it for security reasons. The problem with submitting a photo is that it can lend itself to age and race discrimination.

Should I put picture on my resume?

Including a picture on your resume can subject you to unintentional bias and your would-be employer to a discrimination lawsuit. First impressions: You only get one first impression. Generally speaking, it’s much more likely that you’ll make a good first impression in person than your picture would on paper.