Is the Browning M1919 still in use?

Is the Browning M1919 still in use?

It was adapted to be used in vehicles, mounted on aircraft and even used in anti-aircraft roles. More than 100 years later the M1919 still remains in use in a secondary role across the globe.

What replaced the Browning M1919?

The Browning M1919 served up to Vietnam, where it was replaced by the M60 for the US. However, other countries such as Israel uses it chambered for the 7.62 NATO round.

What is the longest serving weapon?

Here are 10 of the longest-serving weapons ever used by the United States military.

  1. M1903 Springfield . 30 Cal Rifle.
  2. M1911 . 45 Cal Pistol.
  3. M1919 . 30 Cal Machine Gun.
  4. M2 . 50 Cal Machine Gun.
  5. B-52 Stratofortress.
  6. M60 .
  7. M14 .
  8. M16 5.56 mm Rifle/ M4 Carbine.

What was the role of the M1919 Browning machine gun?

As a company or battalion support weapon, the M1919 required at least a two-man machine gun team.

What was the cyclic rate of the M1917 Browning?

The M1917, which was used on some aircraft as well as in a ground role, had a cyclic rate of 450 rounds per minute. The M1917A1 had a cyclic rate of 450 to 600 rounds per minute. Val Browning, the inventor’s son, demonstrates the M1917. US Army 2nd Lt. Valmore A. Browning firing a Browning machine gun.

When was the Browning Model 1917 taken out of service?

The Model 1917 was slowly phased out of military service in the late-1960s in favor of the much lighter M60 machine gun chambered in the new 7.62 mm NATO cartridge. Many of the 1917s were given to South Vietnam.

When was the Browning M1919A5 light tank made?

This gun is a modified version of the M1919A4 developed specifically for vehicular use with the Stuart M3 Light Tank. The manufacturer, the Rock Island Arsenal, designed a new style of bolt retracting handle assembly. The M1919A5 was produced between May of 1942 and May of 1943.