Is the default case is required in the switch selection statement?

Is the default case is required in the switch selection statement?

No it is not necessary of default case in a switch statement and there is no rule of keeping default case at the end of all cases it can be placed at the starting andd middle of all other cases.

Is switch a selection structure?

The switch statement allow us to select one from multiple options. It is especially useful when we want to write a code that makes a selection based on an expression or a variable. switch selection structure consists of a series of case labels and optional default case as shown below.

Is default mandatory in switch case in java?

The default statement is optional and can appear anywhere inside the switch block. In case, if it is not at the end, then a break statement must be kept after the default statement to omit the execution of the next case statement.

Can I write switch case without default?

switch case can be without default case.

Can switch case be empty?

Leaving a case empty does not go to default, it drops through to the next case. So the piece of code: case ‘ ‘: // leaving case empty will drop through to `\t` and then `\n`.

Why do we put default case in switch statement?

The purpose of the default in the switch case is to provide an option in case the condtions specified to trigger the execution of code within the other options does not occur so that the program will not crash.

What if there is no default case in switch?

If there’s no default statement, and no case match is found, none of the statements in the switch body get executed. There can be at most one default statement. The default statement doesn’t have to come at the end. It may appear anywhere in the body of the switch statement.

Why do switch statements always contain a default clause?

Some compilers warn when switching on an enum if a case is missed, and adding a default case will suppress that warning. Given that this is in my experience a very common source of error (forgetting to update a switch somewhere after an enum value is added), this seems like a very good reason to omit a default case. – rdb Jul 18 ’16 at 12:40

Which is the dual alternative form of a selection structure?

The dual-alternative form of a selection structure is simply an if statement that contains a(n) _____ clause. else You can nest a selection structure within either the true or false path of another selection structure. True A switch statement begins with the _____ clause. switch

When to put a _ after the end of a switch statement?

Within a switch statement, the _____ clause can contain one or more statements to be executed when the selectorExpression does not match any of the _____ clauses. default, case For clarity, it is good programming practice to include a _____ after the end of a switch statement.

Which is the default clause in defensive programming?

The requirement for a final default clause is defensive programming. This clause shall either take appropriate action or contain a suitable comment as to why no action is taken. That advice is outdated because it is not based on currently relevant criteria. The glaring omission being what Harlan Kassler said: