Is the Winchester Model 88 lever action rifle for sale?

Is the Winchester Model 88 lever action rifle for sale?

Gentlemen, for sale is a Winchester model 88 rifle, 358 caliber, lever action rifle. Manufactured in 1955 in the USA. This is an excellent rifle, and a very difficult to obtain in this caliber. This p …Click for more info For sale I have a very nice Winchester model 88 chambered in the rare 358 caliber.

How much does a Winchester 308 Win rifle cost?

308 WIN Hunting Rifle Sling/Scope/Magazine Barrel Length” PRICE: $1,425.00 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

Are there any drawbacks to the Winchester m 88?

The M 88’s only real drawbacks were that its trigger was neither as light or as clean as a Model 94 or a Model 70. Its trigger moved with the lever, avoiding a bruised finger due to careless operation, but complicating the trigger linkage. And, it kicked pretty hard in .284, .308 and .358.

What is the possible range of value of a Winchester, lever action, Model 1873?

What is the possible range of value of a Winchester, Lever action, model 1873. It is a 24 inch hexagan barrel, cal. 38, with the following inscription on the barrel. “Kings improvement patent Mar 29,1866 Oct 18,1860”. Where on the gun can I find the serial number?

Are there recoil pads on the Winchester Model 88?

The Winchester model 88 rifles were manufactured with a butt plate only. Many would have had recoil pads installed later, especially in the 308 Winchester. They did not come from the factory with a recoil pad and this does hurt the gun considerably for its collecting value. That was probably one of the main issues with these firearms.

What was the price of a Winchester 88 in 1959?

, Manufactured in 1959 PRICE: $1,149.00 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

How much does a 1958 Winchester 88 barrel cost?

Nice 1958 Winchester Model 88 Win w/ 22″ Barrel Repaired stock 22 inch ” barrel PRICE: $650.00 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

When did the 243 Winchester Model 88 come out?

1968 — Model 88 introduced as a carbine in 243 Winchester , 284 Winchester and 308 Winchester caliber’s . The 284 carbines were manufactured 3 years only 1968 -1969-and 1970. The carbines in 243 Winchester and 308 Winchester were manufactured 1968 to 1972 .

What was the serial number for the Model 88 rifle?

The serial number range for rifle’s is 139,600 to 277,257. Model 88 carbine production ceased with caliber’s 243 and 308. There were approximately 10,600 of each caliber manufactured from serial number 216,394 through 277,257 . A total of 28,300carbines were manufactured.