What color scrubs do CNA wear?

What color scrubs do CNA wear?

Nursing support staff, such as CNAs and EKG techs, will wear royal blue. Operating room staff will all wear peakcock-colored scrubs. The radiology staff will wear Caribbean blue-colored scrubs. Members of the respiratory therapy staff will wear black scrubs.

How can I pass CNA exam?

Take the practice test more than once. The website Flashcard database offers CNA practice questions and flashcards to help you study. Purchase texts books from Amazon and use websites like CNA Training Help for videos, checklists, and reading materials. Find study partners to help you prepare.

Is a CNA better than a medical assistant?

CNA: Job duties. Medical assistants enjoy the best of both worlds in healthcare facilities as they move between direct patient care and administrative tasks. CNAs, on the other hand, work directly with patients all the time.

How long is the CNA written exam?

90 minutes

What exactly does a CNA do?

A CNA’s role typically involves assisting patients with activities of daily living, basic tasks that include bathing, grooming, toileting, eating, and moving. CNAs also fulfill an important role on a patient’s healthcare team since they’re often responsible for taking a patient’s vital signs.