What experience do you need to be a cashier?

What experience do you need to be a cashier?

Cashier Requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent. Customer service or Cashier experience. Ability to handle transactions accurately and responsibly. High level of energy with strong customer service skills.

What are the cashier duties?

Cashier Job Responsibilities:Provides a positive customer experience with fair, friendly, and courteous service.Registers sales on a cash register by scanning items, itemizing and totaling customers’ purchases.Resolves customer issues and answers questions.Bags purchases if needed.Processes return transactions.

Is being a cashier fun?

They work with you on what you need. Being a cashier was fun most days, some days it was stressful and annoying but you get that with any retail job. They only offer part time position, at least at the store I worked at.

How can I make a cashier less boring?

Bored at Work? How to Make Work Fun as a CashierHone your people skills. Keep your mind occupied. Hone your people skills. Try engaging with your customers. Keep your mind occupied. Try and memorise product codes and touch-typing the SKU or barcode number. Create challenges with your coworkers. Learn about the business. Chat with your coworkers.

How long do cashiers work a day?

At least 7 to 8 hours. Cashier usually work about four hours as part time. Sales Associates have no min hours per week. Average is from 4-10 hours per week based on store.