What future teachers need to learn explain with examples?

What future teachers need to learn explain with examples?

In addition to the traditional and still important “three Rs” of reading, writing and arithmetic, schools should be equipping students with the four Cs of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. These skills’ importance are likely grow as mundane, repetitive tasks are removed by automation.

What are the types of activities?

Different activities keep you fit in different ways – and stop you getting bored. There are 4 types of activity: aerobic, balance, flexibility and strength. You want to do them all – keep reading to find out why.

How do you create a learning activity?

Steps in Designing a Learning Activitya definite beginning and ending.a clear purpose and learning objective.complete and understandable directions.a plan for assessing the objective and a mechanism for providing feedback to students.a description of the technology or tool being used in the exercise.

How do you write an activity design?

It should:describe the development challenge and proposed response.include a results diagram (planned outputs, and intended short, medium and/or long-term outcomes which contribute to the goal)summarise tasks/activities.outline key risks and mitigation.recommend the delivery modality.