What is a good question to ask about ww1?

What is a good question to ask about ww1?

What were the worst conditions soldiers in WWI went through? How long did it take to dig up the trenches soldiers fought in? Are countries still upset with one another because of WWI?

How reliable was the Luger?

Yet, the Luger has a reputation for toughness and accuracy that obviously served German soldiers well. Lugers from the early 20th century are particularly well-made, built to standards so exacting that many P08s that first saw service during World War I were completely usable during World War II and beyond.

What pistol Did the Germans use in World War 1?

The 1908-model Pistole Parabellum, commonly known as a Luger, has a leather holster with the inscription: “Souvenir of the Big Advance at Cambrai November 1917. To Alice from HUD, Jany 21 – 18.”

What was Woodrow Wilson’s proposal during WWI for a postwar peace settlement *?

Question: What was Woodrow Wilson’s proposal during WWI for a postwar peace settlement? Answer: The Fourteen Points were the declaration by Woodrow Wilson during World War I, which outlined his proposals for a postwar peace settlement.

Who started ww1?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
World War I, also known as the Great War, began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. His murder catapulted into a war across Europe that lasted until 1918.

What was the most common pistol in WW1?

German Luger
Undoubtedly the most famous wartime pistol was the German Luger, although the British Webley was perhaps not so far behind. The key models in use during 1914-18 – invariably designed in the late nineteenth century (as were most rifles) – are described below.

Why was the 14 point plan rejected?

What was Wilson’s Fourteen Points and who rejected it? -The people of the USA rejected the 14 point peace plan because they were so used to being a isolationism country and Woodrow’s fourteen point plan threatened that. It didn’t want to risk its economy or any more American lives after the losses of WW1.

Why did the 14 points Fail?

Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points failed as France was seeking harsher punishments for Germany following WWI, the countries of Europe were interested in maintaining their imperial assets and he faced political opposition in the U.S. While not all of Wilson’s points were implemented, they did result in the Treaty of Versailles …