What is a savage 99a?

What is a savage 99a?

The Model 99, and its predecessor model 1895, is a series of hammerless lever action rifles created by the Savage Arms Company in Utica, New York. The rifle was extremely popular with big game hunters and was even issued to the Montreal Home Guard during the First World War.

Are Savage 99 accurate?

Many over the counter bolt actions will deliver this kind of accuracy. The 99 like most off the shelf rifles some times can deliver exceptional accuracy or 2.5 inch accuracy. For shots out to 300 yards or a little more thats well within minute of deer.

Does Savage still make guns?

Savage Arms is an American gunmaker based in Westfield, Massachusetts, with operations in Canada. Savage makes a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles, as well as Stevens single-shot rifles and shotguns….Savage Arms.

Type Subsidiaries
Products Rifles, shotguns
Website www.savagearms.com

How accurate is a 300 Savage?

With the 150-grain bullets, the Savage 99 rifle is very accurate—delivering 2 moa or less with these combinations. 30-06 limits the use of heavy bullets. However, the . 300 Savage has over 200 fps advantage over the .

Is the Savage 1899a the same as the 1899c?

The 1899B and 1899C, these two rifle were the same as the 1899A only the barrel configurations were changed. Both had the 26” barrel as the A but the 1899B had an octagon barrel (full length) and the 1899C had a half octagon and half round barrel. Believe it or not, from my data, the 1899C’s were more commonly found than the 1899B’s.

What kind of cartridges did the Savage 99 use?

In the early years of the model 1899 and model 99, Savage did chamber their rifles in the 30-30, 38-55, and 32-40 among other cartridges. They of course have become quite desirable and are very collectible. Finding any of these early model 99’s can be a great addition to your gun collection.

What’s the serial number on a savage rifle 1895?

First off is the model 1895, this is an easy one to identify, it will have a serial number under 10.000 and the pads on the sides of the receiver will be rounded instead of pointed like the model 1899’s and 1895’s. The forearm is very slender and rises to the receiver very sharply.

When did Savage Model 99 have barrel band?

The model 99H, a dead giveaway on the 99H is that the early models didn’t have the usual 99 cheek pads on the butt stocks up until around 1935. Also please note that their was no barrel band on the earlier H’s until around 1931.