What is Arpit exam?

What is Arpit exam?

The result for ARPIT exam has been released by NTA on the official website. ARPIT was implemented on 13th November 2018, and it is for the online professional development of roughly 15 lakh higher education faculty. This will involve using the MOOCs platform SWAYAM.

How do I apply for Swayam course?

How to pursue SWAYAM online course?Visit swayam.gov.in/explorer.There are two option window that show two options – Upcoming courses and Ongoing courses.Enrollment for the upcoming courses is open for the candidates.Click on the desired course that you wish to pursue.You will see an option “JOIN” for each course.

Are certificate courses useful?

Certificate programs can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job. These programs can be useful for people who are just starting their careers, as well as for people who already have years of experience and want to boost their skills or are looking for a mid-life career change.