What is the best grain 30-06 bullet for deer?

What is the best grain 30-06 bullet for deer?

The 5 Best . 30/06 Big-Game Loads

  1. Federal Fusion 150-Grain. This is an affordable and highly effective load for deer- and hog-size game.
  2. Federal Premium 180-grain Nosler Partition.
  3. Winchester Expedition 180-grain AccuBond CT.
  4. Buffalo Bore 168-grain Barnes TTSX.
  5. Hornady Lite 125-grain SST.

What grain should I shoot in my 30-06?

30/06, with its 165- to 220-grain options, remains the better all-round cartridge for big stuff like elk, moose, kudu, and eland.

Can you use a 30-06 for deer hunting?

30-06 loads. 30-06 recoil is manageable for virtually all deer hunters. The ballistics of the . 30-06 are also ideal for most deer hunting, from thick woods and brush to the open country of the West.

What is the best grain weight for 30-06?

30–06 rifles have preferred bullet weights of 175–190 grains for best accuracy and this tends to be a good weight for common North American game hunting like deer and elk.

What distance should I sight in my 30-06?

30-06 will place your shots about 2½ to 3 inches higher than you aimed the cross-hairs. If your rifle is sighted-in 2½ to 3 inches high at 100 yards, you will be sighted-in to about 250 yards.

What’s better 150 grain or 180 grain bullet?

The 150-grain bullets also pretty well carry the same energy as 180-grain bullets. The 150s actually pack about 100 ft. more energy at the muzzle than do the 180s. At 200 yards, the 180s do nudge ahead in the energy department; however, at 500 yards that additional power is only 87 ft.

What is the most consistent powder for the 30-06 cartridge?

A couple of manuals other than Sierra’s have been listing the most accurate powder for their bullets for a number of years now. Both Varget and RL-15 will work with 165’s in the . 30-06, but the Barnes manual lists IMR4064 as most accurate.

What round is better than 30-06?

In short, military snipers prefer the . 308 over the 30-06 because it has a higher ballistic coefficient and it’s a short bolt pull. Furthermore, it’s a more common round these days and has less recoil than the larger 30-06 case.

Which is the best 30 / 06 rifle for deer?

Just about any .30/06 hunting load will punch deeply enough to dispatch any whitetail or mule deer walking this Earth. What can help you put a deer down fast—before it gets on the neighbor’s property or into that briar thicket—is a bullet that expands violently and creates a massive wound channel.

What kind of ammo do you use for hunting?

For more than a century, gun owners have been able to enjoy hunting with a variety of 30-06 ammo types. Over the decades, the .30-06 has been loaded with an incredible array of bullets.

Is the 30-06 Ammo still good for hunting?

The .30-06 holds its own against modern calibers in the hunting category. To answer the nagging question succinctly, yes, the .30-06 is a completely viable caliber 113 years after entering service. Is it the best choice for hunting?

Is there such a thing as a 30 06 Winchester?

Winchester simply called is the .30 Gov’t ’06, but there is no such thing as the .30-06 Winchester caliber. If your weapon is stamped for .30-06, it is for .30-06 Springfield. Q: Is the 30-06 Springfield bigger than the .308/7.62×51 Nato?