What is the serial number of a Wesson 357?

What is the serial number of a Wesson 357?

The serial number is 381840. I am trying to find out when it was made. What year? It is a I have a wesson 357 revolver. The serial number is 381840.

What is the serial number of a Dan Wesson?

Dan Wesson Serial Number History Revolver > Small Frame Revolver Finish: Blued Caliber: 357 Magnum Model: 15 Serial Number Year Supporting Data Source 951x 1971 Original Purchaser cricco 26621 1971 Original Purchaser Bob H. 40763 1974 Original Purchaser Harry 3611x 1974 Original Purchaser retcpt Finish: Blued Caliber: 357 Magnum Model: 15-2

What is the model number on a Smith and Wesson revolver?

Model Number: The model number assigned to the product without any prefixes or suffixes (with the exception of the “Plus” model L-frames). Sights: Sights can be fixed or adjustable. The fixed sights are generally a ramp style front sight with a gutter in the top strap to form the rear sight.

Are there any Smith and wesson.38 special magnums?

There have been three major series of .38 Special and .357 magnum K-frames along with a couple of unique models: Military & Police : The original K-frame. They have fixed sights and no underlug or shroud around the ejector rod. The .357 magnum versions were added to the catalog along with the Combat Magnum series.

How much does a Dan Wesson Magnum cost?

357 Mag. Dan Wesson Arms Magnum Revolver – 6″ & 8″ Barrels Monson, Mass. Our# G-3542-1/UNN-88884 8 inch ” barrel PRICE: $931.66

What’s the serial number on a.357 Monson?

– .357 Mag. cal., 6 shot, service revolver, 2 ½, 4, or 6 in. interchangeable barrels with “pork chop” shroud, fixed sights, blue, interchangeable grips, external, exposed barrel nut. Mfg. 1970-71 only. Monson. Early models manufactured by High Standard??? – similar to Model 11, target model with adj. Sights, exposed or recessed barrel nut.