What kind of bullets does a 32 revolver take?

What kind of bullets does a 32 revolver take?

32 revolver Ballistics Data

Bullet Brand Type Weight Velocity
Hornady 85 grain HP 1472
Hornady HP 100 grains 1433
Speer HP 100 grains 1457
Home cast 115 grain FP 1005

Can you use 32 auto ammo in a 32 revolver?

32 Magnum revolver can also safely chamber . 32 ACP. 32 ACP was designed for semi-automatics, but unlike most other semi-auto cartridges, it is semi-rimmed.

What shoots a 32 caliber?

32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), a pistol cartridge. 32 H&R Magnum, a rimmed cartridge designed for use in revolvers. . 32 Long Colt, an American centerfire fire revolver cartridge.

Is 32 Smith and Wesson the same as 32 auto?

32 S&W are not the same cartridge and are not interchangeable. The . 32 ACP (AKA 7.65 Browning) is a semi-rimmed cartridge for autoloading pistols, . 32 S&W is a rimmed revolver cartridge.

What kind of gun is A.32 Colt?

Colt, Smith and Wesson, Charter Arms, Taurus and others produced substantial numbers of .32 S&W Long /Colt New Police revolvers right up until the development of the .32 H&R Magnum Cartridge.

What kind of ammo does a 32 caliber revolver use?

In 1875, Colt introduced the .32 Colt short and long cartridges chambered in their New Line 32 Revolvers. No other American maker chambered it, but it was used in Great Britain, known as the .320 revolver. For some reason, Colt used a .30 caliber bullet that measured .300 instead of the typical .311-.312 used by other makers of .32 revolvers.

Is the.32 Long Colt cartridge interchangeable?

The .32 Short Colt is interchangeable with the .32 Long Colt. Typical of their time, the .32 caliber cartridges are not interchangeable with other gun manufactures. The .32 Long Colt is capable of propelling a .314 dia. 80 grain bullet at 745 fps. with 104 ft.-lbs. of energy. Pictured are two head stamps for the .32 Long Colt.

What kind of bullet does A.32 ACP fire?

The Colt SAA in .32-20 is a classic that is a joy to use and fire. The .32 ACP is a big step up from the small .32 revolver cartridges. Introduced in 1899 for the Browning 1900 self-loading pistol, the .32 ACP jolts a 71-grain FMJ bullet to 900 to 1000 fps.