What kind of rifle is a 338 Winchester?

What kind of rifle is a 338 Winchester?

Winchester 70 XTR Sporter Magnum WinLite 338 Winchester IN BOX! Collectors and big game hunters, this is a near new Winchester 70 XTR Sportier Magnum in the hard hitting 338 Winchester Magnum. It is a WinLite with factory McMillan stock and a N… (read more)

How long does it take to process a 338 Winchester?

Browning BAR Safari Rifle 031001331, 338 Win Magnum, Semi-Auto, 24 in BBL, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 3 +… With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for 5-7 days of processing time before shipment.

What’s the serial number on a Winchester 70 Magnum?

Serial number G152003 has a 26-inch barrel. LOP is 13.5 inches and the stock has a single crossbolt. Both the bolt… (read more) Winchester 70 XTR Sporter Magnum WinLite 338 Winchester IN BOX!

What kind of game can a 338 Magnum be used for?

It has proved itself as a perfect choice for hunting the big northern bears, as well as the larger ungulates of North America. As an all-around choice for an African plains game, the .338 makes a fine cartridge, especially if zebra, sable or eland are on the menu.

What’s the value of a Winchester Model 70?

The Collector value of these guns is high and rests mainly on condition, variation and caliber. The fewer the guns of a certain caliber that were produced, generally the more valuable the gun. The see how many of each caliber were produced, click here go to the number of guns produced.

Which is the best Winchester rifle ever made?

The Model 70 Winchester was considered the best bolt rifle ever produced in the United States. It is often referred to as the “Rifleman’s Rifle.” It had 11 distinct models (i.e., types, styles, variations) produced, was chambered for a diverse array of bullet calibers, and variations associated with production date.

How to disassemble a Winchester Model 70 Magnum?

Paying homage to the original Model 70s, the bolt is very easily disassembled, without tools. Simply cock the rifle (which cocks on the upstroke of the bolt), put the safety in the middle position, remove the bolt via a small spring-loaded tab on the rear left side of the receiver, and depress a tab on the rear of the bolt.