What to write on your CV if you have been Travelling?

What to write on your CV if you have been Travelling?

Share valuable travel experiences. Don’t share travel experiences with no professional value. Where to put travel on a resume. Share special skills gained while traveling. Always include language skills on a resume. Share Worldpackers experiences effectively. Mention studying abroad on your resume.

How can I make money if I work full time and add?

7 Ways to Make Extra Income Even With a Full-Time Job.Start a service business.Invest in real estate.Launch an online resource.Leverage the power of Amazon.Join the sharing economy.Host an event.Get paid to do what you’re already doing.

How do second jobs work?

Tips to get a second jobBe realistic about working hours.Set goals for your job search.Communicate with employers.Consider telecommuting.Look for something different.Explore online job platforms.Use and expand your network.Take on freelance or contract work.

How do you make money moonlighting?

The 10 Best Moonlighting Jobs to Earn Extra CashElderly Companion. Delivery Driver. Hotel Night Desk Clerk. Bartender and/or Hostessing. Caterer’s Assistant. Beach or Pool Lifeguard. Warehousing. Local Tour Guide.