What was the last Remington shotgun with Damascus barrel?

What was the last Remington shotgun with Damascus barrel?

There is a Model 1889, which was Remington’s last hammer double gun, but I didn’t think any Remington double went that high in serial number, even combined*. One thing I have noticed about Remington shotguns with Damascus barrels, there is no doubt they are Damascus.

When did the next Remington double barrel shotgun come out?

The next E. Remington & Sons hammer double was the 1882 with a conventional top lever that pushed to the right. These evolved through the 1883, 1885 and 1887. We will need some pictures to tell what you actually have.

Is the Remington Model 1882 Double A double?

Model 1882 shotgun that were originally made for rifle inserts will contain sights secured on the barrel rib the same as the ones found on Whit more combos and double rifles. The Remington Model 1882 double is a strong and reliable shotgun that is in dema nd today as we do not encounter many being offered at quality gun shows.

What kind of barrel does a Remington 870 have?

Barrel Remington 1100 12Ga. Vent Rib Barrel Only 1 left! Remington 16 Gauge Shotgun Barrel Bore 28″ barrel Full Choke..For Parts READ!!! Remington 870, 12ga Shotgun Part.

Is it possible to fake a Remington Damascus?

Remington didn’t try to cover up or fake Damascus, the pattern is both pretty and obvious. (And yes, they did put the word “Remington” into the pattern on the best guns!) But you should be aware that that gun probably has 2 1/2″ chambers, so modern 2 3/4″ shells are ruled out. *Edited to correct an error in the first paragraph.

How old is the Remington double barrel shotgun?

I have inherited a Remington Double Barrel Shotgun from my father that must date back before 1889 because on the sides of the shotgun it says E. Remington and Sons. Something interesting other than it’s age is it has E. Remington and Sons on one side of the gun and on the other side is E. Reminton and Sons.

How big is a Remington 12 gauge shotgun?

Pre-Owned – Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun. Condition is good but has a scratched stock Pre-Owned – Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun Action: Side by Side Barrel: 28″ Chopper Lump Capacity: …Click for more info Rare grade 3 gun w very low SN (160) with a good amount of nicely done scroll engraving and fine 30″ damascus barrels w 2 3/4″ chambers.

Why did Remington stop making double barrel shotguns?

Possibly due to manufacturing costs or lack of sales, E. Remington & Sons decided to drop those rare types of double guns. Another reason may be the excessive weight. Of the very few I have had the opportunity to examine, they are awfully heavy guns to carry afield.

Where can I buy Remington Arms shotgun parts?

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What kind of barrel does a Remington SxS shotgun have?

This original 12 GA Remington 1889 Hammer Side by Side Shotgun has 30” browned tapered round Damascus barrels with a bead front sight mounted on the matted rib. The bore is very g …Click for more info Remington SXS 12 gauge double barrel. Overall good condition except for some dents/ scratches.