When was the Colt Single Action Army revolver sold?

When was the Colt Single Action Army revolver sold?

A true piece of Texas Ranger and Colt history with unparalleled provenance most certainly suitable for the finest private or public collections! It sold in the fall of 2020 for $258,750 at Rock Island Auction Company. 7. Bank Robber Bob Dalton’s Colt Single Action Army Revolver: $322,000 (September 2012)

When was the last engraved Colt revolver sold?

THE LAST Factory Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver: $195,500 (June 2020) Rock Island Auction Company proudly presents this historic and fresh offering: the last of a generation, the last of an icon, the last factory engraved, 1st Generation Colt Single Action Army revolver.

Who is the artisan behind Colt Single Action Army?

The artisan behind them is Ron J. Collings, who did his apprenticeship in England, and has been engraving in Canada and the United States for the past 30-40 years. These two really caught my attention as the engraving is very obviously American in their style, but certainly show that finely executed English floral scroll creeping in.

Who was the inventor of the Colt rifle?

If you’re well read on the subject of Colt engraving you might have been yelling “Cole Agee” through your computer screen at me, and that’s where you’d be wrong. Though these look almost identical to those by the pioneer of the cattle brand style of engraving, Cole Agee, they are actually by a student of his named Weldon Bledsoe.

Where can I get a Colt Single Action Army replica?

One of the best and most affordable sources of replicas of the Colt Single Action Army is from Uberti of Italy who are nowadays owned by Beretta. Uberti make a range of replica Colt SAA in both old model and the new model revolvers with the improved cylinder retaining mechanism. The Uberti “Old Model” replicas have a spring loaded pin retainer.

How big is a Colt 45 Single Action Army?

Colt “Sheriff’s’ Texas 1836-1986 Sesquicentennial Commemorative .45 Colt 150th Anniversary of Texas 4” BBL weighs 36oz comes with case, manufactured in 1986. Click for more info COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY 45 LONG COLT SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER. 5.5 INCH BLUED BARREL, COLOR CASE HARDENED FRAME, BLACK COMPOSITE EAGLE GRIPS, FIXED SIGHTS, CAPACITY 6.