When was the last Springfield rifle made?

When was the last Springfield rifle made?

30-06, one of the most reliable and accurate military firearms in history. The Springfield served as the principal U.S. infantry weapon until 1936, when it was replaced by the Garand (M1) rifle of World War II—also designed at the Springfield Armory.

Did Springfield Armory make M1 carbines?

The U.S. .30 caliber M1 Carbine was never manufactured at Springfield Armory. All ten companies that made the original GI carbines were contracted to do so as Springfield Armory and other government owned facilities were already committed to other projects.

Was the 1861 Springfield rifled?

The Springfield Model 1861 was a Minié-type rifled musket shoulder-arm used by the United States Army and Marine Corps during the American Civil War.

What did the 1863 Springfield rifle look like?

Google 1863 Springfield Rifle and look at the images, you can see what an original gun looks like in all kinds of conditions. Many people like to think a gun is original when it is not or it special for some reason when it is modified. You need hands on experience to know what an original gun looks like.

What’s the price of a civil war Springfield musket?

It does look like the stock has been cleaned, although I see no signs of heavy sanding, which would have removed the inspector’s cartouch–the initials on the stock opposite the lock. You can get $600 for a gun in relic condition. Depending on condition, I’ve seen them here in Fredericksburg selling from $1,200 in poor original condition to $2,400.

Where did I get my Civil War musket from?

I purchased this musket from a very good family friend whose great uncle owned this 1863 and was a soldier in the civil war. I have the entire story about the history of the gun which I will post at a later time.

Is the bayonet original to the Springfield musket?

The bayonet is original to the musket, and so is the sheath. I did find some initials on the butt of the stock which I have heard they used to do a lot back then.