Who was the manufacturer of the eastern arms shotgun?

Who was the manufacturer of the eastern arms shotgun?

I have been able to find out a little about the weapon: Eastern Arms was a distributor for hardware stores, feed stores, etc. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who marketed firearms through local, small town stores, traveling salesmen, and mail order catalogs. The weapon was probably manufactured by Savage or Stevens.

When did the 16 gauge shotgun become popular?

The 16-gauge enjoyed popularity into the early 20 th century, perhaps not coincidentally in conjunction with the golden age of American shotgun manufacture. Manufacturers such as L.C. Smith, Parker, Ithaca, A.H. Fox and others crafted beautiful 16-gauge side-by-sides.

Where can I find 16 gauge shotgun shells?

Finding 16 Gauge Shells. RST, the boutique ammunition company that supplies lovely, light loads in all different gauges and case lengths to keep old guns shooting and provide comfortable shooting even for new guns, makes 16-gauge ammunition to suit any gun ever made.

What was the original model of eastern arms 12 ga?

According to THE Blue Book of Gun Values– Store Brand Cross-Over List, Eastern Arms Model 101.1 was made by Stevens. The original model # was 94B. No dates of mfg. are listed. I too have a model 101.1 12 Ga. that was the only gun my dad ever owned.

What was the name of the Sears gun company?

Sears used the name Eastern Arms Co., on which ever gun company submitted the lowest bit that year. Company’s that furnished shotguns for Sears under the Eastern name, Iver Johnson ( one year ), Stevens, Meriden and Crescent.

Is the eastern arms co 101.1 a trade brand?

Thanks for your help. If the name is indeed EASTERN ARMS CO 101.1 then the gun is a “Trade Brand Name” shotgun. A “Trade Brand Name” shotgun is made by a major maker for and sold by a wholesaler or retailer who chose the name to go on the gun.