Why is there a one year gap after graduation?

Why is there a one year gap after graduation?

Sometimes, students are confused about their career options and use the year to decide on the ‘what next’. A planned gap year helps address this,” she says. Students prefer well-known brands and a majority are not sure what they want to do and figure out after working for a couple of years,” he says.

How can I get GAP certificate after 10th?

If you want to apply for another school then you have to take migration or transfer certificate, character certificate, and mark sheet of 10th class from your old one school. You have to deposit all these certificates in your new school in which you want to apply for the 11th class.

How do I get a gap admission certificate?

How to Apply for a Gap Certificate? To apply for a gap certificate the candidate has to go to the district court or contact any lawyer/advocate. A legal affidavit will be issued by the court which will be considered as proof for the reason for which the student has taken a gap in his/er education years.

How do I write a Gap certificate letter?

Dear Sir, Hope this letter finds you well. I hereby request you to issue us the land certificate of our school land which is mandatory for school affiliation for up-gradation. It is very urgent as we have to submit it at the earliest for speedy process of the file, we request your kind cooperation in this regard.