Importance of academic writing in society

Have you ever been assigned an essay and wondered, “Again? Why? What is the purpose of this assignment? Why do we have to write so many papers in college?” It’s perfectly understandable that students get frustrated over endless heaps of essays. And the answer to those questions lies in the importance of academic writing, not only in the scholarly world but also in society at large. So let’s talk about it.

Academic writing teaches you to communicate your ideas

One of the main aspects of academic writing is being able to develop a solid and convincing argument. You can’t just stamp your foot like a petulant little child and say, “Because I said so!” Arguments without supporting evidence are cheap, and a good writer knows where to find it and how to use it to their advantage. 

Besides, there’s usually a lot of research and hard work that goes into each paper. The best professional writers always rely on hard facts and the scientific method. Of course, all of this can be very intimidating to young students who are completely new to the world of academic writing. But luckily, there are plenty of online services like that can come to your rescue if you need help writing an essay. We’ll talk more about how you can hone your skills a little later.

It improves your academic literacy

To put it simply, academic literacy is the ability to understand and contextualize academic vocabulary so that you can read, review, and analyze other people’s works as well as write your own. It’s a very important skill for college students. Practicing academic writing forces you to continuously expand your vocabulary and do research on various topics, so in a way, you’re collecting more and more knowledge with each paper.

So why do we as a society need academic literacy? Well, the first reason is pretty simple. Have you ever stumbled upon a complex scholarly term in the news or while reading an article on the internet? Sometimes, academic concepts make it into our daily lives, and people who don’t know what to make of them often find them really confusing. Academic literacy helps you not only interpret these concepts correctly but also apply them to your life and environment. Another reason why it’s so important is that it improves people’s overall erudition, and educated people tend to be more successful in life.

Contribution to academic and public discourse

Academic writing gives people an opportunity to share their ideas with the scholarly community, and by extension, the whole world. It provides the language, concepts, and tools for you to express yourself. Moreover, you can help enrich and impact academic discourse by contributing new, exciting, and original thoughts, a paper at a time.

In many ways, we have academic writing and discourse to thank for many terms that have entered public discussions. For example, today, you can hear ordinary people arguing about intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion. These debates are no longer limited to sociologists. However, there’s one crucial difference. The academic discourse always aims to remain respectful and objective, while public discourse often devolves into petty feuds, especially when it occurs on social media. Academics are much more willing to listen to each other and possibly even reach a compromise.

You improve your critical thinking skills

Every time you do research for your paper, you have to process, analyze, conceptualize, evaluate, and apply new information to what you already know. All of this is a great exercise in critical thinking. Moreover, you can’t just write a one-sided essay because it’s always important to look at your own arguments from different perspectives and remain objective. And as we’ve already explained, academic writing teaches you the importance of factual evidence. You quickly learn that arguments without facts are worthless. Perhaps, if more people were forced to write academic essays, there would be fewer climate change deniers.

How to master the art of academic writing

Just as with any skill, the key to becoming a better writer is practice, practice, and even more practice. The more you write, the easier it gets. Many people are perfectly capable of practicing on their own, but some of them need a little assistance, and the good news is that there are many options available. Tutors, coaches, an online or in-person course, a custom writing company, the list goes on. You’re free to choose whichever works best for you.

Lately, the last option has become especially popular among students. Now, anyone who’s struggling with writing can use a personalized service that can help them write original papers from scratch. These companies employ professional writers from the USA and other English-speaking countries as well as ESL experts from all over the world. The way this works is simple. The customer places an order and sets the requirements for the paper. Then they buy it from the website, and the company finds an expert who can complete the assignment. The final version is delivered to the customer within the specified time.

Here’s a tip. Top-rated services select their specialists very carefully, so if you want to get high-quality writing help, we recommend browsing through some reviews to pick not just a legit website but one that can offer you a really well-written paper.

Key takeaways

So, what have we learned today? First of all, practicing academic writing is the perfect way to develop your communication skills and learn how to express your ideas in a convincing way. Secondly, it teaches you academic literacy, helping you understand difficult concepts and analyze other people’s works. 

What’s more, is that academic writing is basically an avenue for people to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the academic and public discourse. It also requires you to think critically and rely on hard facts. And finally, academic writing is not an impossibly difficult skill, as anyone can get the hang of it with enough practice and hard work. Just don’t be shy to ask experts for help when you need it!