The Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana Seeds

If you are interested in growing marijuana, you might be wondering about distinctions between different genders. It is essential to understand the unique attributes of males and females, as they play a significant role in the growing process. As the popularity of cannabis continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for excellent seeds. You can find a wide variety of feminized weed seeds, including different strains, in the Herbies online store. The text below will help you to understand the difference between seeds and explore their distinctive features.


They are in charge of producing pollen needed for fertilizing females. Males have some characteristics that identify them. One of the most noticeable features is the presence of pollen sacs or “balls” that grow on the nodes. Though, there are some other distinctions.

Males typically grow taller and thinner than females, with fewer branches and leaves. They also tend to have a stronger smell. These physical differences are due to their main aim — making pollen instead of developing buds. If you are growing marijuana for its flowers or buds, you have to identify and remove males as they are not suitable for smoking and getting pleasure.


Females are the ones that create the high-quality buds that are used for getting high. They are characterized by their ability to create flowers, which contain the highest concentration of the most valuable cannabinoids like CBD or THC. They tend to be shorter and bushier than males, with more branches and leaves. They also tend to have a milder aroma. Female plants require pollen to reproduce, but if left unfertilized, they will continue to make flowers and buds until they reach maturity.

Cannabis seeds can vary in appearance depending on the specific strain, but generally, they are small, hard, and can have a mottled, speckled, or dark color. They typically have a teardrop or oval shape and a slightly pointed end.

Feminized seeds

The popularity of feminized seeds is inevitable because they have the capability to yield solely females. They are grown through a sophisticated process of inducing females to produce male flowers, which then fertilize other flowers and create seeds that will only grow into females.

Feminized seeds are a revolutionary innovation for the cannabis industry. They offer plenty of benefits to growers. They eliminate the need to identify and remove males from the garden, which can save time and resources. They also ensure a higher yield of potent buds as female plants are the ones that give the highest concentration of cannabinoids.


Understanding the appearance of cannabis is essential for any grower. Males produce pollen and have distinct attributes like pollen sacs or “balls,” while females produce potent buds that are used for smoking. There are also artificially created feminized seeds. They offer many advantages, including their ability to produce only females and eliminate the need to take away male plants from the garden. With this knowledge, you can optimize your yields or buy the product that you will really enjoy from a reliable online store.