When was the first Remington rolling block made?

When was the first Remington rolling block made?

The first Remington rolling block introduced in the smokeless period was the Remington Model 1897. In 1899-1900, Mexico bought 14,712 of these military-style rifles and carbines for issue to its second-line army troops, as well as to federal and rural police.

What kind of ammunition does a Remington rolling block rifle use?

It was made in a variety of calibers, both rimfire and centerfire, including the 12.17×42 mm rimfire, 12.17×44 mm rimfire and 12.17×44 mm rimmed centerfire Swedish and Norwegian cartridges, .43 Spanish (11.15x58mmR), .50-70, .40-70, .45-70 and later in .22 caliber.

When was the Remington saddle ring carbine made?

A scarce original Remington Rolling Block saddle ring carbine. These were made in the 1880s and early 1890s primarily for use by foreign cavalry units. Round steel barrel with a pinched blade front sight. “FP” stamped on top of the barrel.

Where was the Remington rolling block in the Wild West?

On June 25 at the Little Bighorn in Montana Territory, Colonel Custer and his immediate command were wiped out, and his Remington rolling block—probably the most famous one of all time—was lost forever from the pages of history. Originally published in the June 2006 issue of Wild West. To subscribe, click here .

When did e.remington and sons become bankrupt?

The barrels were altered to .22 rimfire, .25 rimefire and .32 S&W centerfire and some were left in .50 caliber centerfire In 1888 E. Remington & Sons became bankrupt and the company name changed to Remington Arms. Before the arrival of the Model 1890 a few “Model 1888” were produced.

How did the Remington single shot rifle change?

Instead the standard single shot Army rifle (Remington) was redesigned again. Only the caliber was decreased – to 8 mm. This resulted in a new but at the same time old rifle designated Rifle m/1867-1889. The firing pin was redesigned to always retract to the block and an ejector for the cartridge was equipped.

Advertised commercially from 1875 through 1902, this .43 Spanish caliber Remington Rolling Block accounts for largest number of production, with something over 1.5 million sold from 1869 to 1910. A tremendous amount of variation exists here, with differences as indicated below.

What is the serial number of a Remington rifle?

1 Jan. 1903 97001 113000 16000 50 Jan. 1904 115001 141000 21000 2000 Jan. 1905 132000 160000 25000 4000 Jan. 1906 144500 181000 28400 7500 Jan. 1907 160001 204200 33000 12000 Jan. 1908 170701 232100 38150 15000 Jan. 1909 175401 242550 40625 16825 Jan. 1910 177301 244250 40700 16870 Jan. 1911 178951 246300 40800 16970 Jan. 1912 179900

Who was the original manufacturer of the Remington rifle?

Most of the original 10,000 Remington rifles had serialized barrels. Actions on this contract had serial numbers as well and date of 1868. Sweden manufactured dozens of domestic variants based on Remington action produced by Husqvarna, Carl Gustaf and other makers.

What kind of caliber is a Remington Model 4?

Caliber/Gauge: 22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, 25 Stevens (“25-10”), 32 short, 32 long Serial Number Blocks: Starting: 00001 Ending: 356,000 Variations: Improved Model 4 No.4S Boy Scout Rifle No.4S Military Rifle The Remington Model 4 is a rolling block, solid-breech, hammerless, takedown, top-ejection rifle.