How do I find old safes?

How do I find old safes?

What Kind of Combination Lock Do I Have?

  1. Look for identifying marks on the lock dial.
  2. Look for a safe manufacturer’s name and/or model number on the safe door.
  3. Is the safe relatively new or does it seem to be 40 or more years old?
  4. If it is 40 years old or less, a safe serial number might help — look for one.

Are old safes good?

Safes have not gotten any better over time. The downside to an old safe would be that it’s not fire lined. But as most of the safes available in the market these days are advertised as fire lined but actually does no good and perform poorly in the fire.

How do I know if a manufacturer is safe?

What happens when you lose your safe combination?

The safe combination may have been lost, may be locked inside the safe (it happens more often than you’d think) or the owner may have recently discovered that there is a safe in the home they just purchased and they want to use it (this is common with in-floor safes).

Where can I get a new safe combination?

Our Phoenix lock shop, Scottsdale lock shop, Mesa Lock shop, and Gilbert lock shop can all retrieve and set save combinations, If you cannot, a service charge is standard in for safe service and would be in addition. Tip: The door of the safe will lift off it’s hinges.

How long does it take to get a Liberty Safe Combination?

Once we receive your completed and notarized form and payment, you’ll be provided with your combination via fax or email within three to five business days. If you need immediate access to your safe’s combination, you’ll need to hire a certified locksmith. However, you must contact Liberty Safe first and have the locksmith contact us, too.

Is there a way to manipulate the combination on a safe?

Safe manipulation is a lot more intricate and trickier than that. It requires skill and patience that only the best locksmiths possess. It should be noted that safe manipulation works best on those safes that have combination dials.