What year did 30 WCF change to 30 30?

What year did 30 WCF change to 30 30?

1946 was the year Winchester changed the 30 WCF headstamp to 30-30 on their ammunition since the name 30-30 was more popular.

How much is a used 30-30 worth?

Recently Sold MARLIN 30 30 rifle

Price Item Condition
$550.00 MARLIN MODEL 30AS – 30-30 WIN JM STAMP MFG 1986 30 Reno, NV 89502 Used
$490.00 .30-30 MARLIN 36 30-30 WIN USED GUN LOG 242095 San Antonio, TX 78209 Used
$806.00 .30-30 MARLIN 336RC 336 RC 30-30 W/REDFIELD OPTICS MADE IN DENVER COLORADO. JM Hamilton, MI 49419 Used

Is 30-30 good for bears?

30/30 Winchester. If you’ve ever hunted black bears with dogs, you know that the trail can be long and rough enough to stop a mule. 30/30 is not just a proven bear killer, it is probably the most-proven bear killer. Select a quick-expanding bullet for this kind of hunting.

What is the serial number for a Winchester Model 1894?

Winchester Model 1894 (Mod 94): Covering numbers: 1 – 5103249. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

How much is a Winchester Model 94 30 30 worth?

What is a WINCHESTER MODEL 94 30 30 rifle Worth? A WINCHESTER MODEL 94 30 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,362.00 new and $879.74 used . The 12 month average price is $1,383.54 new and $969.62 used.

When was the first Winchester 30 30 made?

If it says 30WCF on the barrel it was made before 1942 (WWII). If it days 30-30 on the barrel it was made after WWII. Winchester can tell you the production date if you provide them the serial number.

Which is the oldest derivative of the 30-30 round?

Derivative cartridges. Perhaps the oldest derivative cartridge is the wildcat cartridge 35-30, also known as the 35-30-30, 35/30-30, and 35/30. This round was never factory produced. Rather, it was an invention to counteract the corrosion of the early 30-30 barrels from the use of black powder and shot out barrels.