What caliber were Webley revolver?

What caliber were Webley revolver?

Webley Revolver

Webley Mk VI Revolver
Cartridge .455 Webley Mk II .45 ACP
Calibre .455 (11.6 mm)
Action Double/ Single Action revolver
Rate of fire 20–30 rounds/minute

Do Webley still make revolvers?

Webley produced handguns and long guns from 1834 to 1979, when the company ceased to manufacture firearms and instead turned its attention to producing air pistols and air rifles….Webley & Scott.

Industry Gun manufacturer
Products Revolvers, Air guns, Shotguns
Website www.webley.co.uk

What kind of Revolver is Webley and Scott 455?

Webley and Scott presentation cased MK VI revolver. This cased model was presented to a retiring member of the board of directors of Webley and Scott, at the end of the “Great War”..Thi …Click for more info “Rare Soldier Identified Webley-Fosberry .455 caliber Revolver. 6” Barrel in .455 Webley.

How big is the barrel on a Webley 455?

Some general specifications of the Webley Revolvers (all Marks): Type: Double and single action top-break service revolver Extraction/ejection: Simultaneous automatic extraction and ejection upon opening Cartridge: .455 Mk. Effective range: 50 yards Barrel length: 4 , 5 , 6 (Mks. Weight: 2.2 2.4 lbs.

When did the Webley Mark VI 455 come out?

Classic WWI era revolver, manufactured in 1917. .455 Eley …Click for more info Webley Mark VI 455 cal. 6 inch barrel. Matching serial numbers on cylinder and frame. SN 254,XXX. Mfg 1915-1919. Nice original finish showing some blue wear. Excellent bore. We have over 45 y …Click for more info “Bore is excellent. Barrel is 7.5″”.

What’s the operating pressure of a Mark VI Webley revolver?

1. The operating pressure for the Mark VI Webley revolver (the last, and strongest, of the .455 Webley service revolvers) was a maximum of 13200PSI (i.e. six ‘long tons’ of 2200 lbs). 2. The standard operating pressure generated by milspec and full factory loads of .45 ACP ball ammunition is 19,000PSI. 3.