What is the serial number on a Fox Sterlingworth?

What is the serial number on a Fox Sterlingworth?

One barrel was marked “Made by A.H. Fox Gun Co.Phila.PA.USA. The opposite barrel was marked Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel. The trigger guard tang revealed the serial number 625XX. The gun was not stamped for gauge or choke. The action was stamped for a No.2 barrel weight.

Where can I find a Sterlingworth Model 1911?

After serial number 50243 onward the address is Philadelphia, while The Sterlingworth Co. guns go up to the 53xxx serial number range, where we start finding AH Fox Gun Co. Model 1911’s. “The FOX GUN” ( A.H. Fox “Wood Grain” Catalog A.H. Fox Gun Company, Philadelphia, Pa.)

What’s the serial number on a H Fox shotgun?

Wearing serial number 94763, this classic American double was originally made by the A.H. Fox Gun Co. of Philadelphia in 1923. Action show …Click for more info A H FOX, UTICA, STERLINGWORTH 16 GAUGE. 28″ NUMBER 3 WEIGHT BARRELS, MODIFIED AND FULL (.015 & .025), 2 3/4″ CHAMBERS.

Is the Fox Sterlingworth gun a good gun?

THE FOX STERLINGWORTH is a plain, staunch, trustworthy gun, at a reasonable price, that will make good all the time and under all conditions. It has all the exclusive FOX features. The BARRELS are genuine Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel- (FOX PROOF)-thoroughly tested and guaranteed for strength and shooting qualities.

When did the Fox Sterlingworth shotgun come out?

There are several patent numbers from 1905 to 1924 stamped on the receiver. I have a fox sterlingworth shotgun;trying to find out the value of it for a relative. The serial #119645 is stamped on all of the parts, even the trigger guard. It was manufactured by A.H. fox co. in phila, pa.

When was the first Sterlingworth 12 gauge gun made?

Fox Gun Grades. The so called Sterlingworth recessed pin gun was the first style 12 gauge Sterlingworth produced from 1910 to late 1912 early 1913. Recessed pin guns are found with serial numbers up to the 62000 range. It is believed that sometime in late 1912 or early 1913 the dressed flush hinge pin guns were introduced.

What was the barrel length of a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun?

Lower gun is 1936. The A.H. Fox Gun Co. Sterlingworth was offered in four barrel lengths, known in the period literature by names — 26-inch (Brush), 28-inch (Field), 30-inch (Standard) and 32-inch (Trap).