Where does the serial number on a Browning gun come from?

Where does the serial number on a Browning gun come from?

Anyway, you can date a gun per the serial no. at Browning.com, Made in Belgium will be stamped on the barrel. Here is the kicker, lots were made in Belgium but assembled in Portugal so they will say ‘made in Belgium Assembled in Portugal’ and the like.

When was the first Browning 12 gauge gun made?

The venerable old Browning humpbacked A-5 first came off the production line at the Fabrique Nationale factory in Belgium in 1903. The first shipment to the U.S. arrived in 1905, all in 12 gauge.

How big is a 12 gauge Browning A5 barrel?

Browning A5 Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Barrel – This barrel features a camouflage pattern that helps disguise hunters and military personnel. It fits a 12-gauge Browning A5 and weighs in at 2 pounds and 8 ounces.

Where does the Browning 20ga semi auto shotgun come from?

The bride calls me on the cell phone from a garage sale asking if I want a Belgium Browning 20Ga. Semi Auto Shotgun. We chat about the condition as she describes it to me. I asked her to look on the barrel and see if the word Belgium appeared she said NO all it had was “Browning Arms Co. St Louis Mo.” and (BP) in a circle.

What kind of barrel does a 1960 Browning A5 have?

I have a 1960 Browning A5 Lightweight 12 gauge Belgium made. It comes with a 28″ solid rib barrel and a 26″ standard barrel. Both barrels are modified chokes and Belgium made. I have the original manual that came with the gun and box end that contains the model and serial number but don’t have the actual box. I’d say 95% condition.

What kind of gun is a Browning A5?

FN Browning- Early Model A5- 12 Ga. Shotgun- Bolt Assembly- Original-From an early model gun- Serial numer 1635xx- Complete and working- Original finish that has turned an even light gray- Crisp.

Where does the butt plate on a Browning A5 say?

On all the A5’s that where made and assembled in Belgium the butt plate has he distinctive FN ‘fabrique national’ logo and the barrel will only say Made in Belgium. I would have to research the other proofs but usually the butt plate is a good first indicator. Is that a jelly donut? Info I have says Browning used the barrel address of “St.Louis.