Why do I have black on my gum line?

Why do I have black on my gum line?

When tartar reaches below the gum line, referred to as subgingival tartar, it tears into the blood vessels located within the gum. When blood pigmentation and proteins mix with tartar, they turn it black.

How do I get rid of the black line on my gums?

The best way to eliminate that unattractive dark line is to replace the crown. In most cases, we can use a dental crown that is entirely made of porcelain, which looks completely natural. Today’s dental porcelain is also very strong, so you will not be sacrificing any strength with a crown that is free of metal.

How can I get rid of black lines on my teeth home remedies?

The following home remedies can eliminate stains caused by foods, drinks, or lifestyle habits such as smoking:

  1. Brush the teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water every few days.
  2. Rinse the mouth with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution every day or every few days. Always rinse the mouth with water afterward.

What are the signs of trench mouth?

What are the symptoms of trench mouth?

  • Sudden appearance and rapid progression of intense gum pain, in either a limited or a large area.
  • Ulcers of the papillae, the small projections of skin between the teeth.
  • Yellow-white or gray membrane covering the ulcerated papillae.
  • Death to gum tissue.
  • Easily bleeding gums.

How do you know if you have a deep cavity?


  1. Tooth affectability.
  2. Delicate to sharp torment when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold.
  3. Recognizable gaps or pits in your teeth.
  4. Earthy colored, dark or white recoloring on any surface of a tooth.
  5. Agony when you clamp down.

How did I get trench mouth?

Trench mouth is caused by an infection of the gums due to the overabundance of harmful bacteria. If you have gingivitis, you’re already at a higher risk of developing this advanced infection. Trench mouth has also been linked to the following risk factors: poor dental hygiene.

What causes a black gum line around the tooth?

13 Sep What Causes a Black Gum Line Around the Tooth? 1 An Aging Crown. Dental technology is constantly evolving. 2 Receding Gums. If you have a lack of healthy gum tissue around your teeth or crowns, you may have a receding gum line. 3 Loss of Bone and Gum Tissue. 4 Black Gum Line Treatment at University Dental in San Diego.

Why do I have dark spots on my gums?

If you’ve had a cavity filled, a deposit of amalgam may be left on your gums, creating a dark spot. Amalgam is the particle used for dental fillings. Sometimes these particles become lodged in the area around the filling causing a stain in the soft tissue. Your doctor can usually diagnose an amalgam spot just by looking at it.

Why does the gum line look darker than the Crown?

The gum (not the crown) will appear darker. It may seem as though you have a black tooth under the crown. A porcelain butt joint margin allows more light in the root but there is still less light going down the root.

What to do about black spots on your gums?

To be safe, talk to your doctor if you notice any dark spots on your gums, especially if they’re also painful or change in size, shape, or color. Understanding the most common causes of black spots on your gums may help you decide if you need to seek immediate treatment or wait to bring it up at your next dentist appointment. 1. Bruises