What is the trigger pull on a Bersa Thunder 380?

What is the trigger pull on a Bersa Thunder 380?

The Thunder 380’s trigger has a much lighter pull of 8 lbs. 10 oz. that feels smooth and consistent throughout the arc of travel. After the first shot is fired, the hammer is cocked and ready to operate in single-action mode.

How reliable is a Bersa 380?

I recently tested a number of loads in a Bersa . 380 I keep on hand for reference. A compact pistol with a fixed barrel is often very accurate. Using the long but smooth double-action first shot, it isn’t difficult to get a center hit on a man-sized target out to ten yards.

What is a used Bersa Thunder 380 worth?

What is a BERSA THUNDER 380 pistol Worth? A BERSA THUNDER 380 pistol is currently worth an average price of $294.59 new and $254.23 used . The 12 month average price is $301.39 new and $302.69 used.

How many rounds does a Bersa 380 hold?

15 round
The Bersa Thunder 380 Plus has all the great features of the Thunder 380 and features a high capacity 15 round magazine. Throughout its history, the Thunder 380 model pistols have impressed anyone requiring concealment, accuracy and reliability.

Are Bersa pistols reliable?

Bersa handguns are among the best buys on the market. Although the Bersa line retails for less than many competing designs, they have proven both reliable and accurate. These handguns have given Americans on a budget peace of mind and good protection.

How many bullets does a 380 Bersa hold?

Bersa Thunder 380
Caliber .380
Action Blowback
Muzzle velocity 1050 ft/s (Cor-Bon JHP)
Feed system Regular: 7, 8, 9, or 10-round single-stack magazine Concealed Carry: 8-round single-stack magazine Plus: 15-round double-stack magazine

How much is a firestorm 380 worth?

A BERSA FIRESTORM pistol is currently worth an average price of $306.63 used .

What are the options for a Bersa Thunder 380?

The options for your Bersa Thunder 380include sights, slide stops, barrels, triggers, cylinders, hammers, muzzles, trigger guards etc. All of those can be divided in broad categories: Action Parts, Barrel Parts, Books & Videos, Frame Parts, Grip Parts, Recoil Parts, Safety Parts, Sights, Slide Parts and Trigger Group Parts.

What’s the best way to clean a Bersa 380?

Check to ensure the weapon is unloaded. Remove the magazine and inspect the chamber. Field-strip the Bersa 380 by holding the weapon with your firing hand, then grab the slide and pull it to the rear. Depress the disassembly catch with your trigger finger, then pull the slide back farther until it stops.

What happens if the trigger on a Bersa Thunder Gun is damaged?

With the trigger spring damaged, the gun would not shoot in a regular firing position. Instead, it prefers to shoot while on its side (gangster style) and actually moving in order to make the hammer fall (see video).

Is the Bersa 380 a reliable backup sidearm?

The Bersa 380 is a compact, semi-automatic weapon manufactured in Argentina. The weapon is considered a reliable backup sidearm for law enforcement and is one of the highest-rated weapons that fires a .380 ACP round, according to Bersa Firearms USA.