When was the Colt 70 made?

When was the Colt 70 made?

Series 70 models were manufactured from 1970 until 1983.

Is the Colt Gold Cup a Series 70?

The Colt Gold Cup® is known as the finest shooting semi-automatic in the world, and is the standard for competitive guns.

Does Colt still make Series 70?

In Colt’s currently produced Series 70 . 45 pistol, you have a handgun that is very close to duplicating the guns that came from the old factory under the blue dome in 1924.

How often does the Gold Cup happen?

every two years
The Gold Cup is held every two years. The tournament succeeded the CONCACAF Championship (1963–1989), with its inaugural edition being held in 1991.

Does Colt make good 1911?

Colt, S&W, Springfield and even Kimber all make very good 1911s. Ed Brown, Wilson and Les Baer also make excellent guns as well although at a typically higher price point. Out of those listed above, it’s almost hard to go wrong with a 1911 especially once you hit that $800 and above price point.

Is the Colt Series 70 Gold Cup worth more?

The older 70 Gold Cup is worth more than any new, pretend 70 gun. They are not the same animal. Buy the older gun, quit counting nickels and dimes. Having said that, let me add…IF the gun has not been altered.

What’s the serial number on a Colt Series 70?

I’m looking at a Colt Series 70 MKIV National Match Gold cup. Seller is stating that the gun is 96%. Colt say the serial number was made in 1980. Seller has all original paperwork and boxes and says all parts are matching. Could someone give me an estimate of what it is worth?

How much is a Colt 45 ACP Gold Cup worth?

45 ACP Gold Cup National Match (Series 70) COLT 1911 MKIV .45ACP GOLD CUP, Series 70 PRICE: $2,249.00 MANUFACTURER: Colt

When was the first Colt National Match Made?

According to the serial number, your Colt National Match was made in the first part of 1964. The Colt Gold Cup National Math (pre-Series 70) – This model is chambered for the .45 ACP, features the flat mainspring housing of the 1911, and has a match-grade barrel and bushing. The parts were hand fitted, and the slide has an enlarged ejection port.