What does war head mean?

What does war head mean?

: the section of a missile containing the explosive, chemical, or incendiary charge.

How do Warheads work?

A blast warhead is one that is designed to achieve target damage primarily from blast effect. When a high explosive detonates, it is converted almost instantly into a gas at very high pressure and temperature. The air surrounding the casing is compressed and a shock (blast) wave is transmitted into it.

How big is a warhead?

W80 (nuclear warhead)

Production history
Mass 290 lb (130 kg)
Length 31.4 inches (80 cm)
Diameter 11.8 in (30 cm)
Blast yield 5 or 150 kilotonnes of TNT (21 or 628 TJ)

What causes a missile to explode?

As a matter of fact, the explosion of most missiles is not simply caused by the impact shock (and let alone by a timer). Most of missiles carry a fuse that tells the missile that the target is close, and the missile then triggers the warhead detonator at a very specific time in order to obtain the desired effects.

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How much do nukes weigh?

Nuclear bombs have had yields between 10 tons TNT (the W54) and 50 megatons for the Tsar Bomba (see TNT equivalent). A thermonuclear weapon weighing little more than 2,400 pounds (1,100 kg) can release energy equal to more than 1.2 million tons of TNT (5.0 PJ).

What is the meaning of the word warhead?

war·head. (wôr′hĕd′) n. The part of a projectile weapon, such as a missile or torpedo, that contains the explosive or damaging material, such as a nuclear bomb or a chemical agent.

What is the definition of a nuclear warhead?

That part of a missile, projectile, torpedo, rocket, or other munition which contains either the nuclear or thermonuclear system, high explosive system, chemical or biological agents, or inert materials intended to inflict damage. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.

How is a warhead used in a missile?

It was a simple weapon, cheap to build, and carried a half-ton explosive warhead. As the missile closes on its target the warhead explodes before the missile strikes the airplane. In this way the missile does not need pinpoint accuracy: widely spread supersonic shrapnel from the warhead is deadly.

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