What is the rarest Colt snake gun?

What is the rarest Colt snake gun?

One of the rarest of the Colt snake model revolvers; a rare “BOA” was the top Lot at Kramer’s March 28 Spring Gun Auction. Colt mfg. 1200 total pistols in this model with the entire production run being sold to Lew Horton Distributing.

What is a Colt letter?

The Colt Archive Letter Whether your Colt is a treasured family heirloom or a more recent purchase, a Colt Archive Letter can provide fascinating valuable information of historical or anecdotal importance. The collectible value of your Colt is often greatly enhanced when it is authenticated in this exceptional fashion.

When did the Colt Detective Special 38 come out?

Going through four basic versions, the Detective Special was produced from 1927 until 1986, and then again for a few years in the mid 90s. I’ve shot a number of these guns over the years, though this specific review is based on a late model used in testing the .38 Special cartridge for BallisticsByTheInch.com.

What’s the price of a Colt Detective pistol?

What is a COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL pistol Worth? A COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,489.14 new and $1,010.23 used .

What kind of ammo does a Colt Detective Special Use?

“I have a comment regarding the use of +P ammo in .38 caliber Detective Specials. According to the owners manual that came with my .38 Special Diamondback, purchased in the early 1980s, D-frame Colt revolvers, specifically including the Detective Special, can safely use +P ammo, subject to certain limitations.

How often should a Colt Detective Special be inspected?

The manual recommends that steel frame guns, e.g. the Detective Special, Police Positive and Diamondback, should be inspected by a gunsmith after firing 2,000 to 3,000 rounds of +P. For alloy frame guns such as the Agent, Viper or Cobra, the recommended number of rounds between inspections is 1,000.