When was the Savage Model 219 shotgun made?

When was the Savage Model 219 shotgun made?

Information available says they were made from 1938 to 1965 in four different variations/series. The model 219 was a rifle made in 22 Hornet, 25-20, 32-20 and 30-30, with probably the 30-30 the most popular. While the companion model 220 shotgun was made in 410, 28 ga, 20 ga, 16 ga, and 12ga. There was also a 220P and a 220AC.

What’s the average price of a savage rifle?

The single-shot Rascal can be found for about $150, while the Mark Series is under $200. The AXIS falls in the mid-range, with prices anywhere from $265 to $400. The 10/110 can be purchased for around $1,000, while the Model 10 is typically a few hundred dollars more.

What kind of stock does Savage Arms use?

Stocks are available in synthetic or wood, and both models feature Savage’s patented AccuTrigger. Another top-seller is the Savage Arms Rascal, a single-shot, bolt-action rifle that is lightweight …

What’s the serial number on a savage shotgun?


How much does a savage top break rifle cost?

The rifles are anywhere from $200-$500 in 30-30 depending on condition and if you find one in 25-20 or 32-20 expect $1000 or more if the seller knows what he has. Savage- “never say never”. I just purchased at Model 219B in .30/30 from a local gun store.

What was the caliber of the savage rifle?

Have learned that they were produced in 4 calibers, all center fire, .22 Hornet, .25/20, .32/20 & the 30/30, please correct me if I’m wrong for the only ones I’ve seen were in .22 Hornet. All these rifles were well made and exhibited the overbuilt qualities we learned to appreciate from early USA Craftsmen.

What kind of firing pin does a savage 220 use?

The 220 and 220A used an in-line heavy mainspring activated firing pin. The 220 and 220A were very similar EXCEPT the 220A used a different firing pin, sear and trigger. There is evidence of a model 219C, (one for sale) but no documentation can be found, even in the factory parts list.