Who makes the best 25 06 rifle?

Who makes the best 25 06 rifle?

25-06 Remington 2-Round 26″ Bolt Action Rifle in Matte Black – 18897. Widely acclaimed as the best, most accurate rifle in the industry, the Savage 110 action is the heart and soul of the Savage Centerfire line.

How good is the 25 06?

25-06 has an effective bullet weight range of between 85 and 120 grains, making for a perfect rifle for double duty on varmints and predators. 25-06 will generate respectable velocities, driving the 85-grain pills in excess of 3,600 fps, and the heavy 120-grainers to right around 3,200 fps.

How accurate is the 25 06?

The selection of factory ammo should be varied enough to find the load you want. The . 25-06 when loaded with 85-87 grain bullets is a super good varmint rifle as it shoots these close to 3,500 fps with very good accuracy.

What kind of rifle was the Mauser 66?

The Mauser 66. The Mauser 66 is one of the most interesting rifles ever designed and manufactured. They were a product of intelligent design and top quality German engineering melded together in a rifle that, arguably, should have been rather more popular than it was.

When did Layne Mauser shoot the Remington 25-06?

Layne started shooting the .25-06 Remington when it was a wildcat more than four decades ago, and it’s still one of his favorite hunting cartridges. Custom Mauser ’98 and the Cooper Model 52. Many decades ago, a terrible forest fire ravaged thousands of mountainous acres in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina.

Is the 6.5×57 Mauser rifle cartridge obsolete?

The 6.5×57 Mauser rifle cartridge has been with us for over a hundred years and yet it has not become obsolete.

What is the price of a Mauser rifle?

Know what your Mauser firearms are worth with this up-to-date PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Learn pricing and values for these Mauser firearms: