Why do some guns have no serial numbers?

Why do some guns have no serial numbers?

As previously mentioned, the manufacturers of non-NFA firearms held the power to choose whether or not to utilize serial numbers until 1968. Regardless of when it was done, the GCA made it illegal to merely possess a firearm if the serial number had been obliterated, removed or altered.

Is it possible to buy an old double barrel shotgun?

These guns remain highly collectible, and many are also fine shooters. Beyond the fact that old double shotguns are the only handmade shotguns you can buy for less than $5,000, there are other rewards to owning old shotguns: Most vintage American double guns were so well made they’ve survived for close to a hundred years without requiring a repair.

Who was the inventor of the side by side shotgun?

W. H. Baker and the brothers Leroy Smith and Lyman Cornelius Smith began making guns in partnership in 1879 under the Baker name. Their offerings included side-by-side shotguns with external hammers and three barrel guns — side-by-side shotgun barrels over a rifle barrel, commonly referred to as drillings.

Where are the serial numbers on a Savage Springfield shotgun?

The six digit (always) numbers, stamped only on the left side of the frame, not on the barrels or fore end or on the wood, are preceded by capital letters from A to E. The letters do not correlate to production years. The letter prefix accompanied the Savage/Stevens/FoxB/Springfield serial number on every gun they made from 1968 on.

Where are the serial numbers on a Stevens shotgun?

Other Stevens-made doubles I own have ‘plain’ serial numbers, none over five digits, on the frame, barrels and fore end. This one has a capital letter C prefix ahead of a six digit number and it appears only on the left side of the frame. Do you know the significance of this C letter prefix? Can I determine the date of manufacture from this letter?