Are mini dracos illegal?

Are mini dracos illegal?

In the US, the Draco gun falls under the category of handguns and not rifles. This is because of its 26-inch length and lack of stock. In other states, such as in California, the Draco gun is an assault rifle. This makes its possession illegal for state residents.

Why didn’t the US use the FAL?

The FN/FAL was only needed for the heavier cartridge, it was overkill for the diminutive 5.56MM. It was tested as part of the competition for a new service rifle in the 1950s. If I recall correctly, FN had a Fal entry, the Ordnance Dept had an American built version of the Fal, and the M14 prototype also competed.

Are there any Browning collectable rifles for sale?

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What’s the serial number on a Browning 9mm?

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Is the FN Model 1949 an ammunition specific rifle?

The FN Model 1949 is not ammunition specific since it does have an adjustable gas port or valve to adjust the rifle to various propellant and projectile specific pressure behavior, in which the gas port can be adjusted with a special wrench. This also requires removing the upper forward handguard for the adjustment.

What kind of gun is the Browning Centennial?

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