Are there any Ruger 44 Magnum Carbines left?

Are there any Ruger 44 Magnum Carbines left?

I happen to own all four of the Ruger 44 magnum carbines: The earliest tube fed semi-auto, the 96/44 lever action rifle, the Deerfield semi-auto carbine, all of which have been discontinued, and the still-in-production Ruger 77/44 bolt action rifle.

Where was the ruger.44 Mag magazine made?

Insertion and removal of a loaded magazine may be easier with the bolt in the open position. All parts of the magazine were prototyped and machined in Stevensville, Montana by I.Q. Metals. The main body and bottom plate are 6061 billet aluminum that has been hardcoat anodized for durability.

How many grains does A.44 Magnum magazine hold?

I have had a personal affliction for the .44 magnum cartridge for a long time. It is a very versatile cartridge accepting projectile weights from 180 grains, moving at nearly 2000 fps from a rifle, up to 400 grains for 1000 fps subsonic loads and is quite capable of taking medium size game out to 200 yards.

What kind of aluminum is a Ruger Mag magazine made of?

The main body and bottom plate are 6061 billet aluminum that has been hardcoat anodized for durability. The feed lips are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and then hardened. The follower is made of a high density PVC and the magazine bottom plate is removable for cleaning or spring replacement.

What’s the length of A.44 Mag magazine?

It took ten or so prototypes, and well over a year to finally come up with a ten-round magazine that not only fits in all three firearms but was much easier to insert and remove. As far as ammunition compatibility goes our magazine is suited for .44 Mag cartridges with an overall length of 1.610″ to 1.645″.

Can a magnuforce bear load be used as a magazine?

Our testing has shown that the Hornady FTX ammo, the HSM Bear Load, and our own 400 Grain Magnuforce Subsonic ammunition all operate reliably. We found that ammunition with an OAL of less than 1.610″ did not cycle properly due to the feed angle and therefore do not recommend using our magazine with shorter rounds.

What kind of rifle is A.44 Magnum?

The .44 Carbine and Deerfield were not the only rifles in .44 magnum produced by Ruger. Ruger had a model 96/44 that they produced from 1996 (thus the model 96 designation) to 2007. The model 96 came in 4 calibers (3 rimfire, and the .44 Magnum), used the same style 4-round rotary magazine and a lever to operate the action.

What to watch out for on A.44 carbine?

There are a couple of things to watch out for on the .44 Carbine, most importantly is the stock. They had a tendency to crack either at the wrist or on the bottom under the magazine/gas port. The fix is to bed the stock with fiberglass/acraglass so as to spread out the stress.