How much is a Colt Commander worth?

How much is a Colt Commander worth?

A COLT COMMANDER pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,756.78 new and $1,418.62 used .

How much is a Colt Super 38 worth?

What is a COLT SUPER 38 pistol Worth? A COLT SUPER 38 pistol is currently worth an average price of $3,048.82 new and $2,641.06 used .

What is a 1911 Commander?

The 1911 Commander is just a compact version of the 1911 Government, sporting a shorter barrel and slide, introduced in 1950. It shares the same frame, trigger assembly, and magazine with the Government. Like the Government, the Commander was originally chambered in . 45 ACP. It is now made available in 9mm, .

What is the Colt Commander barrel length?

4.25 in

Colt Commander
Produced 1950-present
Variants Lightweight Commander Combat Commander Commander Gold Cup Colt Combat Elite Concealed Carry Officer’s pistol
Barrel length 4.25 in (107.95 mm)

Is 38 Super illegal in California?

It is incorrect to state that a Colt . 38 Super cannot be sold by a dealer in the state of Calif.

Is the Colt Commander double action?

The Colt Commander is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun based on the John M. Browning designed M1911.

What is the difference between officer and Commander 1911?

Most items on an officer’s model 1911 cannot be swapped with commander or government item. The frame size is different than the commander and government. Not only is the length shorter 3.5″, but the magazine capacity is shorter. You can use longer mags in a compact officer’s 1911 but it doesn’t go the other way around.

Is the 1911 a good carry gun?

In 9mm, full-size and Commander 1911 pistols are downright tame. It’s comfortable and easy to shoot, and many shooters have found it’s easy to get accurate with. That makes a good fighting pistol on any day.