What barrels will fit a Mossberg 835?

What barrels will fit a Mossberg 835?

You can order a 18.5″ 835 barrel from Mossberg. You will have to call them to get one. Other options are: The Mossberg 500 Tactical Breacher barrel and the LE 590A1 18.5″ barrel will fit the 835 shotguns. These are 3″ chamber barrels and you can only fire up 3″ shells, no 3.5″ shells.

Are Mossberg shotgun barrels interchangeable?

All the solids are interchangeable within their capacities and all the cap tubes are interchangeable within their capacities. You can use a basic 500 solid screw mag tube on the Mav 88, the 500, the 5+1 Persuader etc. You can use the 835 cap tube mag and barrels on the 835, the 5+1 590a1, the 5+1 capped Cruiser etc.

Will a 590 barrel fit a 835?

As long as your barrel ring is 13″ from your receiver, you can fit a Mossberg 835 barrel on your 590.

Are Mossberg 835 and 500 barrels interchangeable?

Mossberg Owners Manual for 500®, 505™, 535™, 590®, and 835® Shotguns wrote: Barrels are not interchangeable between model numbers, gauge or capacity. 500®, 505™, 535™, 590® and 835® barrels are interchangeable only with barrels of the same model, gauge and capacity.

Does Mossberg make a 16 inch barrel?

The Model 500 is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and . 410 bore, with the 12 gauge being the most popular and having the most optional features available. A 16 gauge model was introduced in 1963 and later discontinued.

What’s the difference between a Mossberg 500 and 835?

Biggest difference in at and the 500 is the 835 is chambered for 3-1/2 magnum loads where as the 500 is only for 3 inch. You will definatly want the 3-1/2 capability for those tough turkeys that hang up 60 yards out. The 835 is also has an overbored barrel to handle todays “heavy” loads.

Will a Mossberg 535 barrel fit a 835?

The 835 & 535 barrels aren’t interchangable…. The 835 barrels attach with a magazine cap on the end of the mag tube.

Can you shoot slugs out of Mossberg 835?

Can I fire slugs through my 935™ or 835® vent rib, Accu-Mag® choke tube barrel? Dedicated fully rifled slug barrels are available for the 935™ and 835® models. Other 935™ and 835® Accu-Mag® choke tube notes: Buckshot and steel-shot loads are not recommended for use with an extra full turkey tube installed.

Is the Mossberg 835 milsgun a military shotgun?

The 835, 500 Tactical Breacher, 500 MilsGun (Special Military shotgun) and the 590A1 with a 18.5″ barrel only, not the 20″ barrel 590, have the same mag tube setup so the barrels and mag tube extensions will interchange. The 835 has a 3.5″ chamber.

Can a Mossberg be used on a 12 gauge shotgun?

As the name indicates, this barrel is more compatible with a 12 gauge, preferably a 12 gauge Mossberg that is intended for tactical or self-defense purposes. Some users have even used this barrel on a non-Mossberg shotgun and it still works just as well.

Is the Mossberg Maverick 88 barrel interchangeable?

Are Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500 Barrels Interchangeable? Yes. The barrels of Mossberg Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500 are fully-interchangeable without any modifications. Given the gauge and magazine capacity of the shotguns is the same. Additionally, most parts between these models are interchangeable except the trigger group.

How much does a Mossberg 835 Cly bore sight cost?

The 835 18.5 CLY BORE BEAD SIGHT BLUE the part number is 90823. This costs $110 + $10.85 shipping. HOWEVER, if you are not a dealer and do not care about the hard plastic packaging, you can request to not have the packaging and get it for $90 + $8.95 shipping.