What kind of scope mount does a Smith Wesson use?

What kind of scope mount does a Smith Wesson use?

Smith Wesson scope mount WEIG-A-TINNY® Remove the rear sight and install this versatile Weaver style base, scope mount in just minutes. (most revolvers mfg after 1992 are factory drilled and tapped for this scope mount) *Fits K, L, N frame revolvers that come drilled and tapped from the factory.

What kind of Revolver is the Smith and Wesson 386?

The larger alloy revolvers built on the S&W N-frame are too wide to be comfortable for my preferred method of appendix carry, so that leaves the model 386 — a medium L-frame .357 magnum. You’re probably familiar with the steel L-frames like the S&W 686, but the 386 series are mostly known only to more dedicated revolver aficionados.

Where are the sight holes on a Smith and Wesson revolver?

Smith & Wesson  began drilling and tapping the top of their revolvers under the rear sight assembly providing three very nice #6 threaded holes which allow attachment of a scope base. BUT…until now it also meant that you had to give up your rear sight capability.

Is the Smith and Wesson 386 Nightguard still available?

Interest in revolvers has rebounded in the last couple of years, and prices on the used market are quickly rising for many discontinued S&W models, including the 386. The 386 Nightguard is nearly identical to the Sc/S, but features different sights and a full-length underlug.

What do you need to know about scope mounts?

Your mounting system is the crucial link between your firearm and your optic. That’s why we make more than one million rings and bases every year, righthere in there U.S.A . Our Strike Forged steel blenks are machined, polished, and tolerance tested to ensure rock-solid performance.

What’s the best way to mount a Warne scope?

Weaver style: This is the most common mounting system, using 7/8-wide bases featuring crosswise recoil slots to receive rings. Warne bases use a one- or two-piece design and allow rings to easily detach from the base without altering the alignment. We use this configuration for our Maxima two-piece scope bases.

How big is a Warne maxima scope base?

Dovetail bases: While a dovetail ring is designed to fit into a grooved receiver, it’s also built to fit into a 3/8-inch base. The Warne Maxima scope base is constructed out of steel or aluminum, offering a low-profile versatile mounting system that’s one of the strongest options available.