What is the serial number of a Colt Trooper?

What is the serial number of a Colt Trooper?

Trooper Trooper Model & .357 Model Colt Semi -Automatic Pistols top Ace .22 Ace Service .22 Challenger, Huntsman & Targetsman .22 Combat Commander Gold Cup N.M. .38

What’s the serial number on a colt Huntsman?

Serial numbers for all models: Sport, Target, Match Target, Huntsman, and Targetsman, integrated early in 1969 and restarted at 001001S. Due to reaching a serial number range (100,000S) that had already been used in 1952, serial numbers were restarted again in May, 1976, beginning with 300001S.

What’s the value of a colt targetman?

I get to see those guys that show up at Walmart and Academy sports at 7:15 or 8:00 every morning and buy up all the .22 bricks for $20 and try to sell them at the gun shows for $80 each. Greedy bastards. The Targetsman evolved from the Woodsman, There was the Woodsman, Challenger, Huntsman then the Targetsman.

When did the first Colt Woodsman come out?

FIRST SERIES WOODSMAN: 1915-1947 (Target and Sport Models) DATE Approximate Serial Number Mar 1915 1 Jan 1916 850 Jan 1917 4000

What is the serial number of a Colt 22?

New Line .32 Pocket New Line .38 Pocket New Line .41 Pocket New Police .38, .41 & .32 Open Top Pocket Revolver .22 Pocket or Baby Paterson Colt Conversions top Model 1851 Navy Conversion Model 1861 Navy Conversion Model 1862 Police & Pocket Navy Conversion Richards – Mason Conversion M1860 Army Richards Conversion M1860 Army

How can you tell the age of a Colt gun?

If you want to know the exact age of the gun though, you’d have to find a reference table to crosscheck the characters with the manufacturing year. Technically speaking, Colt serial numbers tend jump all over the place with no set pattern. That’s why it’s difficult to understand them without a point of reference.

When did Colt stop making the Colt Python?

In 1975 the letter “E” was moved to the end of the number, becoming a suffix. In 1978 and later other letters were used. According to the Colt Python Serial Number Table here, production of the Python peaked in 1981 (the highest production year). Colt produced more guns in that one year than the first ten years combined!

What was the serial number of the colt Fluck?

Thuer Conversion Colt Single Action Revolvers top 1851 Navy 1851 Navy London 1851 Navy (Modern production) 1860 Army 1861 Navy Colt Walker Fluck Pre 1st Model Dragoon

What was the serial number of the Paterson Colts?

Paterson Colts Single Action Army & Bisley Revolvers (Pre-War) Single Action Army, Buntline & New Frontier SAA (Post-War) Colt Double Action Revolvers top 1877 Lightning 1878 Frontier 1889 Navy