Are single-shot shotguns any good?

Are single-shot shotguns any good?

Even though it’s a nearly 150-year old basic design, they are safe and easy to carry to and from the field or range, their action broken open to be visibly 100% sure they are unloaded. A single shot shotgun can make an honest and inexpensive home defense weapon if it’s intended use is in line with its limitations.

What’s the point of a single shot shotgun?

Most trap shooters use a single shot gun because it is a one shot gan (excluding doubles). The reasons for this are many, but primarily the gun can have a longer barrel which smooths out the swing, and the gun can be heavier without messing up the balance.

What is the point of a single shot shotgun?

Single-shots have no complex reciprocating actions to load and unload shells as with pumps and semi-autos. A new shotgunner could quickly learn how to load, reload, and unload a single-shot break action shotgun in a morning. It is also easy to clean in the field or on the workbench.

Where can I find a riverside 12 gauge shotgun?

I have a 12gauge single shoot made by Riverside firearms. There is not a serial number on the gun. However all parts are stamped with 39 and FZ. The gun belonged to my Grand father who died in 1939. A … read more

What kind of shotgun is Riverside Arms Model 311?

Any help would be appreciated. Riverside and Riverside Arms Co are names the Stevens Arms Company used on their less expensive shotguns made from 1915 on. While I’m not sure (and somebody will pop up and correct me if I’m wrong) I think the gun is the same as a Stevens Model 311.

Where did the name Riverside shotgun come from?

The gun is basically a “Trade Brand Name” shotgun although that is not quite true. RIVERSIDE ARMS CO was a name used by the Stevens Arms & Tool Company of Chicopee Falls,MA after 1915. They used the name on their less expensive shotguns.

How big is Gary Stevens 12 gauge shotgun?

As far as Gary’s specific shotgun, he has relayed to me that the barrel is now 30″ in length. Originally, his shotgun was likely a J. Stevens Arms Company Model 94 12 Gauge Single-Shot Break-Open copy. This means the barrel more than likely was 32″ long when it left the factory.