How much did a Sten gun cost?

How much did a Sten gun cost?


Sten, submachine gun
Unit cost $11
Produced 1941– (version dependent)
No. built 3.7–4.6 million (all variants, depending on source)
Variants Mk. I, II, IIS, III, IV, V, VI Unit Cost $10 or £2.3 in 1942 (equivalent to $154 or £106 in 2018)

What guns did France use in ww2?


  • Berthier Mle 1907/15 M16 rifle.
  • Lebel and Berthier rifles.
  • Fusil MAS36.
  • Fusil MAS36 CR39.
  • MAS-36.
  • M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle.
  • Meunier rifle.

    What was the worst gun in ww2?

    Panjandrum – the ultimate invasion weapon. Photographs.

  • Panjandrum – the ultimate invasion weapon.
  • Krummlauf – the gun that fired round corners.
  • Krummlauf – the gun that fired round corners.
  • Maus – Hitler’s giant tank.
  • Maus – Hitler’s giant tank.
  • Covenanter – Britain’s worst tank.
  • Covenanter – Britain’s worst tank.

Did the Sten gun jam?

But the Sten gun’s habit of jamming led to one of the messiest covert operations of the war. In 1942, as Heydrich traveled in an open-top Mercedes, a Czech SOE agent leveled his Sten gun at the Nazi at point-blank range and pulled the trigger—and the gun jammed without firing.

Are Sten guns legal?

It is against federal law to possess a machine gun without a proper license, but Evenson said most of the parts for a Sten gun are available from gun collectors and dealers with a certain class of firearms license. Permits to possess these weapons are hard to get.

What weapons does the French military use?

Infantry equipment

  • Pistols.
  • Submachine guns.
  • Assault, battle rifles.
  • Shotguns.
  • Sniper and anti-material rifles.
  • Machine guns.
  • Portable anti-materiel weapons.
  • Grenade-based weapons.

What rifle did the French use in WW2?

First adopted in 1936 by France and intended to replace the Berthier and Lebel series of service rifles, it saw service long past the World War II period….MAS-36 rifle.

MAS-36 rifle produced post World War II. From the Swedish Army Museum.
Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin France
Service history

What was the cane gun of the Victorian era?

The common accessory of the Victorian gentleman was a cane, walking stick, or umbrella. With the improvement of metallurgy and precision firearms came the development of cane guns. Many were crafted during the late percussion era (1840-70), but most are from the early cartridge era (late 1850) and onwards.

What was the price of a bean’s gun cane?

Reloading was quite quick, accomplished by a twist and pull of the shaft, the spent cartridge pulled free and replaced with a fresh shell. Later models included an ejector lever to pop spent cartridges out. Bean’s Gun Cane, 1885, available as .40 and .58 shotgun, and .32 calibre rifle, priced at $15 and $18.

When did cane guns become any other weapon?

Since 1968 these gadget type guns, with their cousins the pen gun, umbrella gun, ring gun, and others, have been considered ‘Any Other Weapon’ by the BATFE under the National Firearms Act. This means that these devices, just by the nature of being crafty hidden guns, became crazy regulated regardless of capacity or lethality.

Why was there a cache of weapons in France?

A cache of weapons were hidden by local group who could retrieve as and when was necessary – after the war many location of the caches were forgotten. The Maquis were small, unorganized groups that formed to fight against the Nazis in France. They took their name from the French word for the underbrush that they used to conceal their activities.